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[REL | III,VC | CLEO]Scripts D-Box#5

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Global pack my scrypts.

Download there




-Headlight fix as steam version.

-Jump out of the car on the move

-See map while playing
-Expansion zones of navigation
-Realistic sound of thunder
-Throwing Weapon
-Correction camera when entering a zone to jump dodo
-Block doors
-Bleed and die slowly
-Open doors and garage facilities Joey
-Ride the elevator to the building ( elevator but sometimes disappears )
-turn off the engine
-Passengers board the train
-Go to the casino and Donald pinthausy
-The new camera on the train
-Star wanted burn only during investigation + radar flashes red and blue color
-Cops can quibble over weapons in the hands of
-Increased lifetime weapons, money , bodies and puddles
-Reduces shadows and light closer to the ground
-Removes extra zeros with a blessing of money
-Immortality , endlessly running and no wanted level
-After the death of playing sound in max payne 2 , gta1- 2 .


For developers:

-Fly on jetpack (sort of)
-Gangs do not attack the player
-Control the speed, time and weather games
-Cause accidental cars
-Not light and other lights extinguish
-Teleport to a random place
-Additional speed. mission
-Cause long message to a pager
-Change the player model + its model
-No garbage in the streets



-Wander through the interior of the screen savers
-fly above
-Realistic traces of feet
-Realistic sound of thunder
-Return sand castles on the beach.
-Removes extra zeros with a blessing of money
-Increased lifetime weapons, money, bodies and puddles
-opportunity to thump
-Hood as a commemorative version

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Cheers man!Great pack of scripts!I always needed an infinite health script for 3,and entering building is great too!

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Many thanks for fixing additional car IDs. Spasibo, chuvak!

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Swimming in gta3

added directinal light, ... Updated others scripts, d_map, d_jetpack_v2.... Full readme in archive


Edited by DimZet13

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