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Fight Club (PS3)


Recommended Posts




We got 1v1 fights 2v2 fights and bloody free for all fights




1 Mic not required


2 No jumping in the ring unless your psn is called


3 When someone is fighting stay in a vehicle


If a person is misbehaving go to Start<Online<Players<Kick player



Post your psn name down below and I shall add you and make sure that you take some pics for the forums!!!!


See you there!!

Edited by Reedseed12345
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Lol this "fight club" is terrible . Invited black and white to a session with my friends him and one other person joins . Meet at my apartment start fighting I knock him out and my friends fight each other for a little bit then we leave to go to the gang neighbor hood . Him and his friend ride around in planes for like 15 minutes while me and my friends are all fighting and asking them to land and come fight . They finally land so I pull him out his plane and kick him once and kill him so his friend gets out his and runs at me so we start fighting . I'm about to knock him out and he pulls out a nightstick and hits me but I still knock him out . He then comes back again with his nightstick swinging so I step him twice and knife him . He gets mad he can't beat me in a fight and still loses with weapons so he goes get his tank . Then black and white was scared to fist fight so he's running around with a machine gun shooting and I go up to him with no weapons just fist like 3 times asking to fight and each time he shotguns me while his friend rides around in a tank till his mom calls him for dinner ... Some "fight club" y'all have . More like a ride planes and cry when someone beats you up club ... Lol

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