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So what's the situation with -memrestrict?


Long story short, I'm getting these frame skips in some areas. Not stuttering, frame skips - like every few feet it will look like someone took out a rendered frame from the game. Objects getting closer to the screen will "jump."

It's not a constant stutter like you see in most videos, and it's not happening an hour after gameplay. It's there from the start.

I've noticed it only happens when I have Shadows set to Very High. But it's not like my system can't handle it. I get an average of 48FPS with everything on Very High, Night Shadows off, View 21, Detail 10, Vehicles 50 with:

AMD FX-630 Six-core 3.5Ghz

Sapphire HD Radeon 7870 2GB Ghz Edition


And it's only some areas in the game that this happens, or when driving fast. But the frame rate can be at 50FPS and it will still skip every so often.

I've heard the solution to this is using the -memrestrict command. Problem is, every topic I've read, across multiple forums, say something different. Some refer to the topic by Rockstar with the list of nine values for the -memrestrict. Some people say to use [VRAM]*1024*1024. Others say to use that same equation, but subtract about 5%. Some say -memrestrict does nothing for them, while others say if you have 2GB or more of VRAM to use -norestrictions and -nomemrestrict.

On top of that, almost every topic concerning -memrestrict, the person having a frame skip or stuttering issue is getting horrible performance in the first place, or is using graphics settings that their hardware can't handle - but this is not the case with me. For some reason I get an occasional frame skip with shadows on Very High.

Strange enough, if I limit my refresh rate to 40, I don't get these frame skips. 40FPS because that is a little bit less than my average FPS. In some areas of the game I get 50FPS, so I'd like to get that kind of framerate when I can - but if I have to, I'll just deal with limiting it to 40.

Anyways, so what's the real way to use -memrestrict? Should I use it? Does it work? I've read so many threads and I just don't know what to believe anymore or how to use it, if I'm supposed to make my own value, or whatever.

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you will have to play with your graphic settings, i have only run max settings in EFLC so far with x4 975 + gtx 480. and that was still with vehicle slider set to 1 + view distance default.

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