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The Clan Matchmaker

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What is The Clan Matchmaker?

Welcome to the Clan Matchmaker! Are you a clan Leader or Administrator? Getting bored of Crews? Do you love a good Team Death match, capture mode or LTS but hate the hassle of meeting up? Then The Clan Matchmaker is the choice for you!

Simply post a quick application and we'll pop you on our system so that you can receive match requests, alliances, war declaration and more from a whole host of different clans and crews. From Mafias to Paramilitaries you can find them here.

Perhaps you're looking for a challenging rival, a fun mess around, your dream ally or simply a tiny to clan to absolutely smash. The Choice is yours dear leaders!

Not on the Xbox? Not to worry! Our services are available to all Consoles. Once your fixture is complete, tell us the score and we'll add you to our patented "Score-board"

The Applicants


The Legion

GT: rofl50






Academi PMC

GT: SingingEwe954



Private Military


(No Emblem)

Superior Gaming

GT: xJim Bob IIIx





The Scoreboard

The Application

Simply copy and paste the application below and fill it out.

Crew name:

Leaders Tag:


EU or NA:

Crew Tag:

Crew Theme EG: military, MC etc:

Skill Level 1/10:



Please if possible, add an avatar sized logo of your crew at the end. Thank you.

Edited by Commander Rofl
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Crew name: Academi PMC


Leaders Tag: SingingEwe954


Console: Xbox 360


EU or NA: NA mainly


Crew Tag: APMC


Crew Theme: ?


Skill Level 1/10: 9.5

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Good Stuff Rofl, very similar to the topic I did with 'crew battles', but I appreciate and respect every effort made on the forum to help the issue of 'match making' in GTAO :^:


Will definitely edit this post in the near future with details about the Damned Brotherhood Crew. :) (ps3)

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