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S**t My Mechanic Does

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Called him then seconds later I hear a horrible sound of metal being shredded but the map marker was barely moving right on my character. He was above me on the highway ramp trying to drive over the barrier and the sound didn't stop until I found him, I even had to kick him out of the car.


Then to top it off as soon as I reversed I noticed my cars front end falling apart all over the highway.


I guess if I were a GTA mechanic I would do the same to make more profit.


He doesn't make more profit, you pay him $50 dollars a day. Whether you total one car, all ten, or none at all, that amount stays the same.

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hows this, that f*cker is up on a freeway delivering my car and decides the quickest way to get to me is to drive over the side, then this happens





that son of a bitch!

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it all started when i called him for my tailgater...


either he failed school or hes just born retarded... he brought me my sandking xl... i thought to myself ok..whatever.. ill just drive this. nope.. he drives rite past me..circles the block..drives past me again!!! next thing i know..phone call. who is it you ask? HIM... and what does he say? "sh*t" i never saw him or my truck again.

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He's probably coded to troll us at every occasion


I do wish for a choke button

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If he does his job, he lives.


Besides, he's like a guinea-pig for a cloning factory or something.

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Leaves my car on the other side of the highway...with this0_0.jpg

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He always leaves the f*cking channel X

What's wrong with real music? :dontgetit:


You're joking right?


Comparing channel X to these untalented pop bullsh*t artists. I would go with channel X.

Vinewood boulevard radio FTW muthafurker


OT: well he's got out of my entity as I run towards my baby, and hes like ._. Nope! Gets back in the car and speeds away leaving me in a cloud of dust and an infuriated state. Often times I have to chase him down cause if I go to my garage it'll say if you leave with this vehicle your occupied vehicle and all mods will be lost. And I'm like o______o ...FUUUUUUUUUUCK. Then I chase him with furious anger and I beat him to death with my fists for minorly inconveniencing me. Then I rape his corpse and run over his head so he can't have an open casket. Then I drive my required vehicle to his home and f*ck his girlfriend. Then I go back to being happy smiley scorpia_4

Edited by scorpia4

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