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Killed my first GOD Mode

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OOM 313

he knew, that i knew, that he could die


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I've shot a couple of god mode players down while they were flying Lazers, but I didn't kill them.

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Yesterday I was playing and my girlfriend wanted to kill a bounty of 200 million. So we flew over there in a Titan and parachuted out, then I shot him with an assault rifle in the head and torso. Two full mags didn't do anything so I told her; he's in god mode.


Not knowing it's actually possible to kill one of these with weapon melee, I just called a tank and kept blasting him into a corner. Each time before he would be able to get up he would be blasted and down on the floor again.


In the end, my girlfriend went out of party chat and told him to switch it off and hand over the bounty to her. lol.


He just left after being face down in the dirt for a few minutes.

Edited by Jaggs

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I managed to pin 3 at the same time (they were about to get in a car) with my tank. One said party chat and suddenly they poofed. Definately as satifying as tank sniping.

u doing that? ...... yeah ok....

Btw Mugging works aswell, got 2 Billion from a GodMode being mugged. It's funny because after, he got rammed by the Police, I killed the mugger and hopped on the train safely from the other side- all in the space of ten seconds.

cool story bro... movie sh*t huh? All n 10 seconds.... Yeah ok


Who invited this forum gremlin?

As rude as i am u actually waisted brain cells on the thought that i was invited? Wow u really aint to bright huh bub? It was obvious that i came in here not giving 1 fuk about who invited me tho. Either do better wit your insults or have a seat bro.


wtf u talking about

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saw my first god moders today.


invincible, running super fast, firing rockets from their weapons, etc. k/d ratio's in double figures.


i guess they were a bit like the baddies from superman ii, only much less interesting.


two of them. identical. both level 241 (is that meant to be a joke?). reported and tried to kick one. the other had these options 'disabled'.


what a couple of c***s.


still, i can honestly say that it's the first time i've ever been killed while in passive mode (and spamming the jerk motion), due to being run over by a flying taxi...

Edited by austintrain

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Didn't know Godmode slaying was a thing. Well I'll post my experience, then.

Was in public lobby with friend. Sandy Shore gun store. Friend decides to attack this bounty. Godmode douche. Friend rage quits (since it's past 1AM and he's been trying to kill this dude for like 30 minutes). Doing my usual round with Attack Buzzard in city, decide to help out friend, flying out as he rage quits so I make it my mission to at least try to kill this dude. He's flying a Cargobob over to the Fort. Lock-on, fire two shots, goes down, doesn't even jump out, falls for a good 3-4 seconds, dies. Guy starts raging through the mic.

I know he was Godmode because if my friend rage quits, it's surely because of pure bullsh*t.

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