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I found a nice place to start a shootout. Gangs VS Police!

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I did this last night in roughly that area. There are a lot of conveniently-placed balconies around those streets. I threw a smoke grenade, called the police and watched as the streets became littered with NPC corpses. The tram actually came through the street half-way through the shootout and slammed into a couple of gangsters and their SUV.


I also went back here today and sniped a couple of players from the rooftops. Their intentions were unclear but they got too close for comfort so they had to be warned. I even trapped one poor low level who was following me. I hid in the garden of a house and threw a smoke grenade into the street ahead of me where the low level guy was snooping around. Within ten seconds gang members were showing up shooting in every direction. They killed the player and I teleported my ass out of there.


This is becoming my new favourite area of the map to hang out in. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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Once the police shoot at you in Grove Street or any Balla or Families territory, the gang members will shoot at police, for sure. I've got nothing to lie about, it happens with me all the time.

what about the vagos?

I've never seen the same with them so far, they always run away

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Step 1: That is no where even near Franklin's house. I think you're confused.... that is his aunt's house. Franklin lives up in the hills

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I've done this before but in Grove Street instead. I've fought back at the cops and the gang members don't shoot back at you as long as you're just killing the cops, but that was with my experience in Grove St.

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I tried to play the game again yesterday and this was all there was to do, I lead the cops to The Lost club house, they shot each other, everyone died, I watched from a distance, the paramedics arrived, the paramedics stood there...doing about as much as a mannequin would in that situation, I watched, they watched, I watched them watch, then they left, I did the same thing on Grove st and in the Mexican area, I got the same result, people shooting at eachother while I watch from a distance, what was the point in me doing all that? Good question, it was either that or golf.....So I turned off the PS3 after around 20mins of me trying to appreciate the game, but it's not good enough, so I come here to GTAF every now and then to complain in the hope something may change.

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I watch shootouts with ballas/families all the time...


1. Take out a sniper (shoot if needed... make sure you have a scope)


2. aim into the ballas territory until they notice you


3. When they start shooting at take cover in the families territories and watch a shootout happen



(if y'all can't recognize that location then idk)




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Have you guys tried it out? What do you think?

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