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[XBOX]★Official Low N Slow Car Meets★

Recommended Posts

Low N Slow

Lobby - June 24th @ 6:30pm Pacific Time

GT: CapnRonBurgundy

We are going to continue having meet/drive - chill lobbies.

These meets are for those who don't drive super or riced out cars.


  • Mature
  • Mic - (game chat)
  • No shooting each other
  • No blowing up friendly cars
  • Being able to cruise without smashing into each other

Looking for someone to record as well.

Post your XBOX GT and I will add/invite you.

Post on here for questions.

NOTE: If you wanna set up your own meet without me or my crew by posting in this thread, we would greatly appreciate it if you made your own thread to keep our thread clutter and confusion free. Thanks

Two different ways of lowering your vehicle more.

Option 1: Car cannot have bullet proof tires. Have your friends sit still so you don't pop your tires.

  • Grab the car you want to lower
  • Go to a place where nobody will call the cops on you for shooting your vehicle.
  • Get your gun of choice (recommend a automatic weapon).
  • Shoot bottom of each wheel till car is dropped (there are 2 stages of lowering). Careful you will pop your tire.

Option 2: In spoiler (helps if someone stands on top of vehicle you are lowering)


Note: Cant have bullet proof tires & also recommend having stock suspension for it to worke1cIFQo.jpg















Edited by GO WIDE
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Gamertag: NoR xSpeedz

I don't grief or troll.

I have a few cars i can use:

Rapid GT (Aston Martin DB8 or DB9)

Banshee (Dodge Viper)

Infernus (Lamborghini Murcielago)

Adder (Bugatti Veyron)

9F (Audi R8)

Dubsta (Mercedes-Benz G 65 AMG)

Elegy (Nissan GTR) (RIP Paul Walker)

Buffalo (Dodge Charger 28 LX 29)

Sultan RS (Subaru Impreza)

Entity xF (Koenigsegg Agera)

Hope I can join

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Irish O'African

My GamerTag: FascistFungus (1 spot open in my list, feel free to add me, Wide.)


I do not kill people, blow cars up, or crash into people unless I am intentionally provoked. Basically, you screw with me, I screw with you is how it works with me.


Vehicles I can run with:


Karin Sultan

Ubermacht Sentinel XS

Imponte Phoenix

Vapid Hotknife (I got this vehicle legitimately, purchased the Collector's Edition and not through a glitch.)

BF Surfer

Lampadati Felon (just a placeholder for my Obey Tailgater when I get one again, as the garage/game screwed up and got rid of mine.)

Grotti Stinger

Ocelot F620

Edited by MichaelK91
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To all of you that replied we will get a lobby together tonight(pacific time). Had no luck yesterday night.


Lets get some more people together. Goal is full lobby.



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Sweet rides how do y'all slam em like that?

Info in spoiler on how to lower car more. (Car can't have bullet proof tires & suggest having stock suspension)

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Irish O'African



All I want for Christmas is a clean Declasse Voodo




Dude, I want a clean one too. It makes no sense there are no clean Voodo's since there were clean ones in GTA IV.

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keep it sideway

If anyone has a hd pvr or any other recording device that would be cool to, i reference "thecamberking52" on youtube. his camera work is pretty good, that's kinda the style where after





keep it low, keep it slow, keep it sideway

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How did you get the 6th picture down? I've never seen a car like that.

Can't remember what its called but they roll around sometimes. Its my buddy's (keep it sidway) car. The post above yours.

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Yea Iv just got my self a nice low rider gr8 same as username. Add me up peeps. It's getting boring in these nodded lobbies

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