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Dr Emixam

The Liberty Tree

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Dr Emixam



we're a bunch of french crazy fans writing meaningless stories since the beginning of the century (April 1st of 2001 to be more precise).


Here is our website, as you can see, it's a web version of Liberty City's newspaper, The Liberty Tree. But as you will also see, everything we write is in french, because that's our mother tongue and because it's easier for us.


The purpose of the website is simple, we pretend to be reporters inside the GTA world and we write stories reporting events and facts happening in our favorite cities.


Rockstar Games honored us last year by publishing in the newswire an article talking about us, but even 13 years after the first article, we still have a huge problem.


We write only in French.


And even if I love my mother tongue, french is a language which suffers a major defect : its lack of universality.


Our English website is almost empty (only 2 articles, compared to the more than 700 we wrote in french for the last decade)


That's why I'm writing here (if I'm not in the right place, please, let me know, this forum is huge). I'm looking for guys (or girls) who like the idea and who would like to write that kind of stories in english.


If you want to know more, or just to talk about the Liberty Tree, answer this topic or add me on skype : maxime.melinon


Thank you for reading, and thank you for your answers and your ideas.

Edited by Dr Emixam

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Mokrie Dela

It's a fantastic idea, but in my eyes, no, you're not in the right place. Try Off Topic.

This is not a recruiting or advertising section. You're more than welcome to join in discussions, give feedback, and join this tiny community - the more the merrier - but really, this doesn't contribute to this section.

Post it in Off Topic, but by all means, feel free to post some of your reports (or any other works) in this section - I remember writing newspaper reports at school, was pretty cool. Please do so in English, however, as it is an English speaking forum, and posting entire works in other languages will simply not get read.

I do encourage you to post actual writings here, though - you might learn, we might learn, or simply enjoy them. But no outside linking; actually post them.

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