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GTA IV running slower than expected.




2GB GTX 760

Intel Core i7 4770 (Non-K)

WIndows 7 Home Premium

GTA IV runs at 30-40fps all maxed out with Patch 7. Sometimes 25FPS, how can I improve this without harming graphic settings.


(I know GTA IV is poorly optimised)


Cmd lines or something?


Thanks :)

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4 answers to this question

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you are trying to max out your settings. stop being greedy, cause gta iv wasn't created to be futureproof, despite rockstar toronto's lies. turn down or tweak your settings

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There isn't really much you can do to improve the performance. There are mods like VisualIV, which can give you an performance increase, but it's not guaranteed and there are users who experience even a decrease of the performance with the modification - quite strange, but that's how the game is. Turn reflection resolution to low and water reflections to middle. The former one eats up some performance, however, there is absolutely no quality difference. The water looks the most realistic at middle and it's less graphic-intensive compared to high or very high settings.

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turn auto save and video capture off

shadows mid and night shadows off

do not use too much scripts

close internet browser while playing

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Be more specific man, what exactly are your settings? View Distance? Detail Distance? Vehicle Density?


Having View/Detail too high can be telling the game to render objects that your monitor and resolution can't even see, wasting resources.


And Night Shadows are a crazy setting, and go hand in hand with View/Detail distance. Try turning those off, and re-configuring your View/Detail distance.

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