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Guardian angel help


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The guardian angels mission mor the colonel has been giving me some problems. No matter what advantage point i take i cant pass this mission!:furious: I have tried on the stairs repeatedly but found its not realy good cause the stairs get in sniping way. Tried the roof and even getting down next to diaz. But I always seem to let diaz get wasted or myself  :(. So if anyone has any tips like advantage points or whatever they did and want to share itd be greatly appreciated.   :)


 :die: hatians

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SURE! :)




The colonel asks you to provide cover for some deal Diaz is doing. You go to a garage to pick up some fire power the ruger. Lance shows up and wants to help. So you get thier and Diaz tells you to get in to position. Lance takes a balcony across from your cover point whcih is the top of some stairs connected to a building. The deal is going good then hatians start showing up and gunning down Diaz and then some more come not sure how many cars in all. But havent found a workable way to win this mission. :/

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I had trouble the first time I tried this mission, because I used the vantage point provided by the pink blip and used the ruger. In my opinion, the ruger is an absolutely horrible weapon. What I did was got a pistol and walked down the stairs and stood beside Diaz. I then just kept pressing the auto aim button, this allowed me to lock on only to Haiitans when they ambushed. Then I shot them all with my pistol. If you're fast about it like I was, then you wont get any damage.


Now, as you're gunning the Haiitians, pick up their M4s. They will come in handy. Done? Okay... now a Haiitian on a dirtbike will pick up the briefcase, Lance blows away one Haiitian on a bike. Take his bike and equip the M4. Now follow the Haiitian on bike and shoot him till his bike blows up. Then get his briefcase and the mission is done.

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