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Fav. gta: vice city quotes


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Mine has got to be on the last missions video seqeunce, where sonny and tommy are face-to-face, and sonny says "you think i'd take the fake money, save face, and run off with my tail between my legs!?!?" Tommy replies "No, i just wanted to piss you off before i killed you!"


A classic!  :D


And i also like the way Rico talks..."YOU GOT BIIIIG COJONES!"



Gazz,  :D

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Some of these might contain spoilers about Lance... or something.



"I just wanted to piss you off before I kill you." - Tommy


"Just keep the cameras pointed at the poontang!" - Tommy


"Now it's time for the LANCE VANCE DANCE!!!" - Lance


"This is the LAST DANCE FOR LANCE VANCE!!!" - Tommy


"Call me Tommy darling, and make yourself comfortable." - Tommy (to hooker. XD)


"So are you going to work for my father?"


"Do you mind if I rest my hand in your lap?"


-Tommy and Mercedes  :D

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VCPR -Maurice Chavez-


"You're not a big-shot, you're not even a medium shot, you're an azzh0le !!!"





LOL  :D  :D  :D  :D

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"Holy sh*t! Where'd you get this stuff?"

"Been saving it for a rainy day!" -Lance and Tommy, outside Diaz's mansion


"You nutter!" -Geez, Kent Paul is hilarious! :D



"Go shower with the guys!" - Tommy, to cops whenever they chase him


Damn, I can't believe I don't remeber anymore good Tommy ones from the cutscenes. :(

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