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Discontinuity in the timeline from 3D to HD universe ?

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Hey folks !


I found something on the GTA Wiki saying that the timeline from the HD universe and the 3D universe weren't the same. Something like an parralel universe maybe.

I prefer to ask again if all events of all the games are part of a same timeline, because I don't think the infos are reliable.


Actually I even think the 3D and HD universes are related.


The source of my doubts are a few charachters which appear in the 3D universe and also the HD universe.


Let's take the example of Lazlow Jones. In GTA : Vice City he's a dj on V-Rock, after he looses his job he gets into the show "Entertaining America", which is found on the West Coast Talk Radio of GTA : San Andreas. We find him again in GTA III on Chatterbox. This was his last appearence in the 3D universe. However, we hear him again on integrity 2.0 on GTA IV and on GTA V where he hosts chattersphere with Michelle Makes and is even chased by Trevor and Michael.


Now here's the point : some say that the events of the 3D and HD universe aren't related, but, in GTA V we have explicit references to those times, when Lazlow worked on V-Rock, Chatterbox and WCTR. For example : during the interview with Brother Adrian on GTA V, Lazlow comments that he always has to interview the cults, referring to the time he interviewed Cris Formage, founder of the Epsilon Program, when he was on WCTR's Entertaining America. (GTA : SA). In Grand Theft Auto IV, when Lazlow is first mentioned on the radio, raising funds for his new radio project, Integrity 2.0, he is referred to as the host of the "long-defunct Chatterbox FM". The station also lists every other radio job Lazlow had, including working at V-Rock, in 1984 and 1986, and Entertaining America on WCTR in 1992. We also learn about him in GTA IV; being fired from Chatterbox in 2002 shortly after the events of GTA III.


So if Lazlow's past, which took place in the 3D world, is still mentionned in the HD universe and is obviously the cause of his current situation, how could those to eras not be related towards a coherent timeline ?


Another example could be Toni, also a DJ from Vice City, who appears on a billboard located in Hawick, sponsoring Vinewood Sports LS in GTA V.




So, I hope you see now, why I doubt about the timelines being separated. If some of you guys are real GTA universe pros, or have some official annoucements about this question : I'd be glad if you could help me out.


All this universe story is pretty complexe ..

Edited by Spadge007

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Notice how the are both radio personalities? That's your exception. People who appear in the radio such as Lazlow, Toni and Fernando Martinez can be found in both universes and if GTA VI is set in another universe for some reason or other it is most likely that some radio DJ's will carry over again.


The storyline of the GTA III Era is in no way linked to the events of GTA IV or GTA V other than a few small Easter eggs referencing the older games in the series. If you believe that they are linked how do you explain Liberty City changing into an entirely different map and gaining 3 islands? Did they just rise out of the ocean? And the government decided to destroy every building and street and start all over, only to complete the city in 6 years or so? Same goes for GTA San Andreas' rendition of Los Santos relative to GTA V's rendition.


This is also why characters (other than radio personalities as I've explained) do not appear cross-universe. When you play GTA V, you have to imagine that Carl Johnson and his brother Sweet never existed. The fact that Ballas are in GTA V is a reference to San Andreas obviously, however they are NOT the SAME Ballas, they are just a gang with the same name. You will never see Claude or Tommy or CJ again in a GTA game unless it is a photograph/drawing or if Rockstar decide to make a new title for the PlayStation 2.


And there's your answer. That two examples you used are both people who are on the radio in the games and that's the reason that they are allowed to appear in more than one universe. The only other character to "appear" in more than one universe is El Burro who I believe was a minor character in an early GTA (?), then he was the leader of the Diablos in GTA 3 and there is a suburb in GTA 5 named El Burro Heights (?). Maps can contain references such as the old mansion at the north of Alderney referencing Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club in GTA III and the downfall of the Leone Family Mafia after the events if GTA III.


Hope this answers your question. :^:

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Good explanation bro,Rockstar already explained this year ago.I love how GTA uses the Universal timelines,it keeps the Already Legendary franchise fresh,Zelda and Star wars do that aswell

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Ok, thanks for the info ! :)


Anyway, the map changing could be explained by technical means : just as the fact that they keep good friends (like lazlow) in their games.


In my opinion, I would have prefered a universe, which was connected with older charachters, this would have given the world more depth (consider the good moments you had with CJ, Claude, Tommy, Lance, Truth, Jethro etc.) Even though this map story would be a bit strange, but still, it's the technology changing, people would understand those map re-scalations, it would be a minor fact. Just assume changes in technology. It's clear that you can't scale San Fierro to real SF in 2005, but you could in 2016, but that's not a reason for creating a new timeline ...


It would be the only "incoherent" change you know. I don't like the idea of not using the same timeline, the game looses a part of his magic, since you know the charachters you liked/loved don't exist anymore in this current timeline.


Anyway, I'm gonna do with those changes, since I'm a big GTA fan. Just a bit sad, since I always was a big 3D fan. (This will maybe change if the next GTA is set in SAn Fierro ;P)


PS : Can someone link me Rockstar's annoucement about that ?

Edited by Spadge007

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