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Red Rum Racing Rocking Rural Remix (Xbox)


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Red Rum Racing presents...


Rocking Rural Remix


Location: Open crew server (4), meeting up on the beach just southeast of the Lost's mobile home park.

Time: Friday, Dec 27th from 5pm EST until the rum runs out.

Reason: Community involvement, meet and greet, make new friends, forum awareness for possible recruits.


This is a community wide invite to all Xbox GTAO players to come join us at Red Rum Racing in exploring the dusty side of what Blaine County has to offer. Bring your 4 wheelers, your beach buggies, monster trucks, motorbikes, BMX, Seasharks, sailboats or whatever else you may have and come hang out with the Red Rum family for an end of the year bash. There will be a film crew on site to immortalize the event.


Intended activities:


Off road vehicle show - bring your favorite personal rides down to the lake for display and photo op.

Impromptu racing - Off road, boat and cycle impromptu races will be set up.

Playlists - We will have a custom created set of races for off road, motorcycle, BMX and Sea craft.

Custom Race Trials - Have an off road race you made and want people to try it out? Offer it up and invite from the session.

Hell Raiser Rampage - When you hear these words it will be time to call-em-if-you-got-em!! yank out those tanks and lets see just how many police the Blaine County Sheriffs Department has on tap.




This event will not be about killing each other in any way. Sometimes mistakes happen and targeting sucks and bullets (or cars) can be misguided. A few instances of mistaken death will be tolerated but anyone determined to be killing on purpose will be removed from the session. If you find yourself after a playlist or other job not returning to the original session please request a return invite. I will be contacting anyone who participated with a friend request so we should be easy to find.


Please post below if you are interested in attending or have additional ideas for making the event a complete success.


Thank you.

Red Rum For Life !!


Edited by LuapYllier
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I wish I could edit the title. Im thinking that people must be assuming that this is for crew only. It is not. I am inviting anyone who wants to come hang out and have some fun.

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Looks fun, I would definitely encourage anyone to come check this out, Red Rum know how to have a good time!

Edited by soggyinvert
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