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Helicopter locations

GTA4 _life_for_me

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GTA4 _life_for_me

Helicopter Locations:


1. Sea Sparrow-at dock behind Diaz Mansion after collecting 80 hidden packages.


2. Maverick-Located at Northern end of West Island on top of the Save House next to road that leads to the stadium(Available after buying the save house just use the roof access door)


3. Police Maverick-Located on top of West Island polioce station.


4. Sparrow-Located at all Helicopter Checkpoint missions easiest way to aquire is to go to the Police Maverick helipad after you finish the main storyline and look to the building on your right once found go and take the stairs on that building, get into the helicopter move foward get out to cancel the mission and then get back in.


5. VCN Maverick-On top of news building in the northern part of the West Island look for the building with a lot of towers on it.


6. Hunter-Appears after completeing the main storyline, To aquire without getting 100 hidden packages get the cop uniform from the police station on the East Island and then fly into the base.


Also if the Police Maverick isn't there then go to Sparrow location and look up at the police station and it should have appeared.


I hope this helps and if anyone else needs help just post a message for me because I have completed the game. :rah:

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Thanks m8, this will be a huge help.  Congrats on completing the game, i will in prolly 2 months  :p i keep getting sidetracked.

user posted image
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