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Gta vice city


Recommended Posts


Heli-wheels - Fly a helicopter over to Sunshine autos, land it inside the Pay 'n Go,

(this is the easiest Spray shop to get into).  When your helicopter is done being re-painted, you will have four car tires attached now!


Re-inflating tires -  If you are in a car with a flat tire, input the health code ( R1, R2, L1, Circle, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up) and the tires will re-inflate.


Down Below - In a helicopter, switch to first person view and hold  R2 & L2 to look down at the ground below.

(with this trick, you can see clearly underwater if you submerge up to the windows while looking down. Be careful not to go too deep or you’ll drown.)


Fly-by -  In the same manner as a car, have an uzi selected as your weapon when you get into a helicopter and press select until you get to the cinematic camera view, this will allow you to shoot from the left and right sides of the helicopter, just like drive bys in a car.


Avoid the metal detector - Get into the airport with all your weapons by driving up to the metal detector, jumping on the hood and jumping over or around the gates. There is a small invisible wall there but you can make it in without giving up your weapons.


Safely onto the military base - Get onto the military base without getting shot at by simply wearing a police uniform. Which can be found in the Washington P.D. after you’ve completed the Copland mission.


Wheelie - While riding a motorcycle, press the Down direction twice to do a wheelie. To stand while on a motorcycle, press the Up direction twice.


Pole Dancer - After completing the assset for the Pole Position strip club, you can go into the last room on the RIGHT, which was previously closed, for a special cutscene.


No magic - Helicopter not at the Hyman Condo? It needs “room” to spawn. Run up the street a way then return and it will reappear.


One shot - If you are being chased by a Police Maverick, use the sniper rifle and shoot in the front window, even though there is no pilot, it goes down in one well placed shot.

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Wheelie - While riding a motorcycle, press the Down direction twice to do a wheelie. To stand while on a motorcycle, press the Up direction twice.

You don't have to press down twice you can just hold down,and you can just hold up to stand, or hold it while holding square to do a stoppie.

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