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PS3 Free Aim Team Deathmatch Players...

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The matchmaking in this game is terrible, so I am forced to resort to putting my name out on the public forums which is really a last resort. I have made some really well balanced map layouts with free aim competition in mind. Only problem is, the matchmaking is terrible. I join several freemodes, and no one wants to leave their comfort zone. Now I know a lot of you think of kids making these custom games, but I am well past my teen years and have been online gaming since Resistance: Fall of Man, a game where the alternate weapons in the game always had to be picked up. I believe this makes an excellent type of deatchmatch, both strategical and diverse. If you take a look at the maps I have so far made in my current playlist, you will see that I put the better weapons in harder to reach and more volnerable locations such as the center of the map to reward the players that move instead of camp. I believe this makes an excellent game for competition, even on a hosting network. All the maps I make start you with an AP Pistol.


When playing through a host, you have to accept that there will be lag. Especially if you start recruiting random people off the internet from anywhere in the world. But until they fix the matchmaking, if they ever fix it, I'm just going to have to accept that lag is better than nothing at all. Freemode is getting boring. It has barely any teamwork, OP weapons, and lacks the experience that a good team deatchmatch will give you. That is why I am putting my name out there for all PS3 players in or near the U.S. to add me as a friend if you want to play some TDM whenever I get the chance. I live in Northern California and have a 30mb cable modem plugged into a top of the line Netgear $140 router with ports forwarded, so I make a great host for players near me. Just let me know in the friend request that you're down to play TDM, because I don't add random people unless they have a purpose. I am not choosing sides, the team balancing might put us on different teams, but as long as we can get a good game going, we can all have fun.


Here's my current playlist:

Rangers: http://rsg.ms/1c1dKNc

Daisy-Lee: http://rsg.ms/1c1dQo0

Dam: http://rsg.ms/1c1dRby

Fort: http://rsg.ms/1c1dRZ9

More coming soon.


PSN: SFBryan18


So I guess what I'm asking is, are you down to roll, or is you a mark?

Edited by SFBryan18

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