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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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After reading W3BB13's rant thing in the "rate the song above you" thread as to how "It's not like any of us really care what others think of the music that we listen to, I decided" and "nor do any of

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Most of my listening habits for the past fortnight or so have been dominated by my search for samples and cataloguing the very many I've already procured. I've been producing music again, inspired by the sudden change of pace offered by the virus and I imagine many hobbyists are doing the same, regardless of their field of interest. I've spent every evening I have off work trawling archive websites and catalogues looking for nothing in particular. One search brought me to a long sought sample from one of Boards Of Canada's more subdued and shorter tracks Kaini Industries, which was recently discovered to be from Music Of The Jívaro Of Ecuador which even by itself is some of the most unintentionally haunting folk music I've ever heard. The "album" (if you could call it that) is made up entirely of homemade flutes, log drum solos, chanting, singing, arguments and even a threat on one's life. It's a fascinating peek into a world of aboriginal culture I was initially unaware of. Provided in part by the Ethnic Folkways Library, their page on Discogs led me to more amazing discoveries, such as this recording of Native American folk songs recorded in the early 1900s, featuring Chippewa and Papago amongst others. From here, I discovered Horace Daukei's Early Morning Peyote Chants which sounds a little bit more contemporary than the last batch, but not by very much. The primitive, raw and sincere is always a draw for me.


I'm quite keen on hearing this release by Kiowa which again, seems to document peyote in a more narrative orientated way. Judging by the recent prices on Discogs and the fact my methods of ripping vinyl are a little scant at the moment, I'll have to rely on hopefully finding a rip tucked away on an archival website. I'll start looking.

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