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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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After reading W3BB13's rant thing in the "rate the song above you" thread as to how "It's not like any of us really care what others think of the music that we listen to, I decided" and "nor do any of

I remember I used to listen to this song in GTA VC on the radio station Flash FM every time it came on, it was one of my savoured songs in the whole game. Feelings of nostalgia is hitting me hard

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On 1/11/2021 at 5:20 AM, Standard Deluxe 59 said:

You know it's funny, I always used to skip that song when I played Burnout 3. Then at some point I stopped paying attention to what was playing and I heard that song in its entirety and it was better than its opening vocals led me to think it was.  I generally stuck to skipping between "Breathing", "Hot Night Crash", "Fall Apart", "Memory" and a handful of others that I can't remember at the moment. 


I think what makes "Make a Sound" for me are the vocals believe it or not, the final choruses in particular. I've been watching a lot of Burnout 3 gameplay recently for nostalgia, and I've seen an alarming amount of track skipping. I didn't even realise you could skip tracks! It seems completely alien to me, Burnout 3's soundtrack is one of two soundtracks where skipping isn't necessary IMO.

Awesome choices, by the way.


On 1/11/2021 at 7:09 PM, Arrows to Athens said:

Memory by Sugarcult is awesome. I always get a huge nostalgia rush when I hear that song. I remember performing it with my band group back in college in 2017.


Wonderful story, man. Thanks for sharing that. "Memory" definitely takes me back. I feel like I need to revive the Burnout topic in the Gaming section or something, discussions about this game need to happen more often on here!


Speaking of which, my favourite MCR track (sorry, "Helena"). Yes, its because of Burnout 3.



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D Absentis

Pretty much learned the lyrics out of my head in april....man, this song became more and more relevant troughout 2020 almost...


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Architects new single for their upcoming album for those that wish to exist (2021)


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Bad Religion - Emancipation Of The Mind



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Mister Pink

Man, I always though that this dog was a Photoshop of a mop but it's a real dog, lol. 



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Arrows to Athens

Since their song 'Lazy Generation' was pretty much the only song I ever heard from them, I decided to check out The-F Ups' other songs. A nice jam, I must say. It's a shame they broke up with only one album under their fingertips. They were a good little punk band.



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Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA - Lo Vas A Olvidar

Edited by qunakuxo
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This is a song by one of my favourite synthwave/electronic house music artists 3LAU, The hook is really catchy and the female who does the vocals XIRA has such a endearing voice.


Edited by PicklePrick
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System Of A Down - Old School Hollywood



(Imagine the GTA Lore-friendly version: Old School Vinewood)

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Mr. Galloway


One of the only bands whose B-sides are just as good as--if not, better than--their A-sides.

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