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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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After reading W3BB13's rant thing in the "rate the song above you" thread as to how "It's not like any of us really care what others think of the music that we listen to, I decided" and "nor do any of

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I saw that a new (well, old) Hendrix album came out last month... sort of. It's a live album, Live In Maui to be precise. I'm not going to lie, when I heard rumours at the back end of summer about a new Hendrix release from the vault, I wrongfully assumed it would be unreleased and otherwise unheard material. I'm a little disappointed, but at least this album gives us another show in good quality to put further context towards his surprisingly short career. I saw this video some weeks back, I assume it serves as a promotional release of sorts but something really bothered me about it and I could put my finger on it. That is until I watched it a second time and noticed Mitch Mitchell's drumming is waaay out. It barely matches in some shots and it's really distracting. It turns out the weather was against the band that day and a lot of the audio for the drums was barely audible. This meant Mitchell had to overdub it in a fashion. The result is a great drum track, but a lousy visual representation and it makes the whole thing look clumsy. I can't fault the group because it isn't their fault but things could definitely have been sharper.


Anyway, the album itself is okay. It's of course got some spectacular playing from all three members but I can't help but feel this has pushed unreleased material even further out of reach.

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Never listened to Neck Deep before hearing their latest album (All Distortions Are Intentional), they're pretty good. This is the strongest track on the album IMO, the chorus is extremely infectious.


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Night into day... Perfect. I'm a nocturnal person, I always go to bed in the morning. 6:45 AM over here now, with me saying goodnight to youse for today.



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I'm just going to add to @Watain's post by posting one of my favourite tracks from AC/DC's POWER UP:




Honestly, this album is something else. It's like age doesn't matter to this band; how the hell can they still sound the same as they did in the '80s? It's truly fascinating. It's the same sound they've always had, no embellishment, no "refresh for 2020" or anything, and just proves the whole "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra. POWER UP is pure and raw, and sounds like it slots nicely between Highway to Hell and Back In Black. Honestly, I think it deserves 'Rock Album of the Year' because of the staying power and the general sound alone.

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