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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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After reading W3BB13's rant thing in the "rate the song above you" thread as to how "It's not like any of us really care what others think of the music that we listen to, I decided" and "nor do any of

every f*cking month another great artist die

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The Pizza Delivery Guy


Well since I've got first post on this page I'll just keep updating this one whenever I spot it.


Jan 1, 8:37: Static X - Terminal.

Jan 2, 11:49 pm: DragonForce - Through the Fire and the Flames

Jan 5, 9:46 pm: Javi Mula - Come On

Jan 7, 7:46 pm: Serj Tankian - Borders Are

Jan 13, 3:34 pm: Rob Zombie - Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin

Jan 14, 8:32 pm: Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Jan 15, 4:34 pm: Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You

Jan 18, 10:26 pm: Phil Collins - I Wish It Would Rain Down

Edited by The Pizza Delivery Guy
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Fredo Santana- Who the sh*t. Love me some fredo, lil reese and the likes of that crew. Not great in rap terms, but it's so f*cking ghetto.

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Sir Michael

Plugged in my iPod to a dock, and this came on. Love me some Neil Young after a long day at school.

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Reminds me of Clue, a truly great movie.



A couple more, sorry. This was playing on something I was watching on TV:




And this was bastardized by the ps3 commercials but still an epic song. RIP Lou Reed!



Edited by WBaker
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Roxette - "Jefferson" (2001) [ MP3 ]


From: Room Service [ Discogs ]




A perfect driving music for GTA while going past the Jefferson Motel, and onto an open highway with fast trucks.


Jefferson was always out of luck.

I remember whem we both grew up,

Jefferson got hit by a westbound truck.

I guess that didn't make him look like a million bucks.


That night, when Sally really stole the show,

and every boy was captured digging for gold,

poor old Jefferson was left in the snow.


I'm gonna pray for Jefferson, pray for Jefferson's soul!

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Not sure if I've embedded the video right but I'll try anyway.



Edit - Got it.

Edited by Lacuna
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I've been listening to a lot of the Talking Heads' fifth album, Speaking in Tongues. It's a great album opens up with one of their first major commercial success singles, "Burning Down the House" and the album continues to present that wacky, new wave sound with impeccable production and out-there lyrics. Anyway, these are the two favorite songs off the album for me.


Wow memories of my childhood. my old man was into the talking heads. whatever this album is i have heard a lot.






geez that was hard only choosing two songs.

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Sorry. I feel compelled to include the setup story with my post.


I have a 200 selection jukebox in my kitchen that plays 2 songs for a quarter. It gets a ton of use because it is easier to just pop a quarter in instead of turning on the big stereo and selecting a disc or whatever. So anyway...I just got finished doing my afternoon chores of feeding the animals and washing their dishes.


Sometimes I just blindly mash the buttons on the jukebox so as to simulate random selections. Here are the two that played just a minute ago.





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I've listening to Sultans of Swing for the last couple hours, over and over...




Now I’m listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Right now, while I type sounds Breathe... "Run, rabbit run, dig that hole, forget the suuun..." Man I love that part...



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l The Spider l

Real Hip-Hop before it turned into whack beats, crap lyricists and weak flows. These tracks are more gangsta rap street sh*t but I love all forms of old school Hip-Hop


Das EFX - Real Hip Hop




Redman - Tonight's Da Night




AZ ft. Miss Jones - Sugar Hill



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One of my favourite Eminem diss tracks next to 'The Sauce' and 'Nail in the Coffin'


As for me..


Eminem - Any Man



One of the last indie/underground records he jumped on in 1999 before the rest became history. The extended intro on this is super f*cking cool.

Edited by Kippers
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Right now I'm listening to Bastille - Of The Night, which is a cover of Corona's Rhythm of the Night (which was on V's soundtrack)



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