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Looking for cool players to organize with

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I want to do some cool stuff. I have yet to play with people who organize much... For example, it would be cool to ride around in a limo with 5 other people, Mess w/ the cargobob/titan,ride around ten deep in a granger, even riding four deep in a sultan doing drive-bys could be fun. I would like to attend a car show, i also have made a few pretty awesome custom maps, and I would like to play some other people's custom maps. What other fun things do you like to do that requires organization? I'm charging my headset now so I'm usually mic'ed up too.

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i have everything i can organize if u want me too Add me XBL : R O N A L DO Dr

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Judging by your name, you're already a toker, so you're welcome to join C420 (420Coded). I can send you an invite...


We just had 8-9 people on the same server just doing random stuff together with the crew this weekend.. Had a bus where we all were in (and eventually died in, lol) and messed around with cargobobs, flew around in planes, killing a huge amount of cops making a stand at the bank etc...


Thinking of putting together a crew session where only members from 2 crews are allowed... Crew rivalries and so on :)


Like an 8vs8 free mode would be awesome.. To battle it out which crew gets the crates, import cars etc...


If you already found another crew and are willing to gather up a crew and meet us on a crew vs crew free mode, add me on psn: sarcasm83


Pretty hard to organize a crew vs crew unless someone from another crew adds me and then invites his crewmates :) would be awesome though.

Edited by Sarcasm83
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