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[PS3] Looking for (a) friend(s)

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I'm looking for friends, between 1 and 3 would be ideal really. I started playing online in late october and I've played very little. The reason being I had only one GTA O friend and we were trying to rank up together. He stopped playing a few days later and I waited for weeks, gaining very little RP only to be told he only bought the game for the hype and doesn't play PS3 games anymore.

So here I am, at rank 32, friendless!


I'd love to add a person/some people who aren't hardcore but are up for playing a decent amount of GTA O with me. I'm interested in ranking up, acquiring money to (eventually) buy cool vehicles and maybe invest in the stockmarket. I don't care for trolling others or being killed constantly in free mode, which is another reason why I'd rather nto play alone. Got my own two member gang (well, it will be since aforementioned friend buggered off and my brother is looking for his copy of GTA V!) but I'm willing to join another gang as well.


Tiny problem, though. I don't have a microphone that works on my PS3! I own a logitech headset that is recognised in the settings and shows up with the proper name, however there seems to be no sound detection and broadcasting is apparently impossible. I played with said friend by setting up my laptop near the PS3 and talking to him on Skype instead.


Newbies like myself (I've barely tasted PvP combat, but got most of my non-shooting character skills above half or full) or friendly veterans, I'll take anybody!


Hopefully I'll end up playing with you guys soon, thanks for your time if you bothered to read the whole post.


(PSN BlackMilk1)


-Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I assumed Find a Group & Meetups also meant finding friends to play with.

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I'll add you

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I'm in, and I can help you rank up as well. I'll add you.

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Cool, thanks!

I don't know how inconvenient is that I (currently!) don't have a PS3 compatible mic, but I'm just interested in messing about and legitimately making money and ranking up now. Up for just about any jobs, and I need some shooting experience!

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U can add me. I leveled up on my own mostly doing solo missions. I'm up for missions, invite only free roaming or helping out with unlocking stuff ;)


PSN: happyface44r

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sendung you a invite. I can help you unlock car mods if necessary

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Dude I am in the exact same position You're in, I only have 1 friend who rarely plays GTA V on PS3 while the rest of my friends play it on Xbox 360, I'll send You a PM and You can add me if You like.

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