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Decent car to race for each class?

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I posted this a while back but I lost the list, and I really wouldn't like going back to search... so, I want to ask what car would be decent to race with for each class, I want to avoid the... well, I guess the popular ones. I want to mod something new, and I did all the Entity, Gauntlet, Feltzer, Akuma/Bati thing before.
I guess I want something new but still something that can keep up during a race.
Thank you.

Sports Classic:


If you'd like to add why you think the ones that you post are good choices, feel free to do just that, I'm just thankful for your time~.

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Mr Monoply

Sports : Sultan

Super : Vacca

Sports Classic : Z-type

Edited by Mr Monoply

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Sport car : Comet

Supercar : Vacca

Muscle : Ruiner

Classic : JB700

Sedan : Asterope

Coupe : F620

Motorbike : Double T

Off-Road : Sanchez (no need to buy one)

SUV : Radius

Compact : Issi

Edited by jdwarfer

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Depends if funds are a concern in this matter. If they are not:


Super: Cheetah

Sports: Coquette/Surano

Sports Classic: Stinger GT

Coupes: F620/Exemplar/Zion

Muscle: Sabre Turbo

Sedan: Tailgater

Compact: Issi

SUV: Serrano

Off-road: Bodhi

Motorcycle: Double-T

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