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[XBox 360] Any one want to boost likes on each others created jobs?


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It takes me up to an hour to get enough people for even a 4 player match when I host. And I want to get the verified award, and the Rockstar t-shirt for my GTA guy.


My idea is we get at least 4 people together. Join a party. Then take turns playing each other's maps. That way we can boost times played and likes. And you can actually play the map you created to see what, if any, changes you need to make.


My XBox live name is; BlazedWithPower

Send me a friend request.


4 is the minimum, I'd prefer 16 or more. Most people make 16 player jobs any way it seems.

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The Real Firebanshee

Oh, that sucks. I wonder how people managed to get thousands of likes in the first week.


probably stuff like the names of races, and what they put in for "tag" words.


some people are just naturally talented at exploiting peoples lack of taste and class, if you will.


whatever you do, it has to have mass appeal. it isnt necessarily how creative you are. remember that the majority of GTA players are people who like pop music, reality tv, and thick crust pizza. ugghhh!


a little off topic... but check out my thread here http://gtaforums.com/topic/665105-racing-league-for-real-money-anyone-interested-on-xbl/


if you can figure out how to get people to notice your races, I would be down with working with you and including some of your tracks into my program. I just need to figure out how to get people to notice my thread.


I cant even get peeps to tell my why they aren't interested or why they think it is dumb, let alone get 30 guys to sign up for it. I though using real money to entice them would absolutely work. maybe they just dont believe it

Edited by The Real Firebanshee
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I make deathmatches more then races. And I think the main reason people don't like them is because I make my jobs to eliminate snipers. Most of my jobs use forced weapons and don't include sniper rifles at all. They are close quarters matches where you have to have a little bit of skill to win. Therefore people don't like them. They aren't CoD maps but even ghost has huge sniper friendly maps.


Also I'll play your races. You don't have to pay me either. I just like playing the game. I have more money and RP then most people so I just chase the social club awards and mess around. I'm trying to unlock all the weapon skins too but not "seriously".

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The Real Firebanshee

I don't have any races yet. I'm more interested in making a racing league and creating a racing series with many, many tracks- whomever creates them makes little difference to me.


anyway, I did see your freind request but I dont see the point in accepting. I'm just interested in promoting a race series. nothing more.



and I'm not paying people to participate. I'm offering a money prize to those who participate and win.


anyway, good luck with getting people to play your maps. I totally understand wanting people to play the game in your vision of how the game should be played.

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I'm just trying to add variety to death matches. I don't think people realize the versatility of the combat in this game. Yeah its glitchy, that doesn't mean every match has to be on a huge map.


I guess if they don't win they think its a bad map. You can't fight ignorance.

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