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What is the toughest neighborhood in your city/town?

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Please lets post pictures of the neighborhoods

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I've always felt Turkey is my second home, so I'll show some places there:


One of the areas historically associated with crime is Tarlabaşı in Istanbul. It is a very old, run down area and it has a well known stigma for being filled with drugs, gangs, prostitution and is also a refuge for people considered outside society like gays, transexuals, mentally ill and political activists. It also has a large number of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa and Kurdish migrants from the rural east. It's been pretty gentrified but it's still a dodgy place:






A common sight in all major Turkish cities is the Gecekondu, which means something like "built overnight", they are essentially slums. They are normally constructed by Kurdish migrants who arrive in the city from the rural East. These areas are very poor and probably not safe for outsiders, there is also often a Kurdish separatist sentiment in these areas which can lead to conflicts.




Turkey's worst areas are in the East where there is a high level of poverty and a strong anti-government sentiment in the Kurdish communities. Aside from regular conflicts between PKK guerrillas and the military, Mafia bosses run the underworld and Turkish and Kurdish crime families smuggle most of the heroin that enters Europe. These groups have links with the Taliban who smuggle raw opium into Turkey where it is made into heroin in the mountains of the Eastern Provinces, then transported by Mafia groups throughout Europe, these Mafias also have politicians, soldiers and police in their pockets. My granddad was a gangster in Gaziantep, a city in the East. He ran several gambling dens and owned many guns until hi business was shut down in a coup. Honour crimes also are also prevalent in the East, particularly in rural, religious communities.

Gangs aren't the same as in America, there's no famous street gangs like the Bloods or Crips, but there are street gangs present in all cities involved in everything from drugs to guns. Teen gang members are also often used as hitmen for Mafia groups and political assassinations. Gypsy gangs are also quite prevalent, as are other ethnic groups like Laz and Bulgarians. The Mafias are general organised crime groups and are one of the ost influential crime groups in the world, active in most European countries, the Baybaşin clan is a notable Mafia family.

Here are some related videos:




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Shyabang Shyabang

Seoul is a safe city thanks to not having any gun-related crime. However, there are (non-gun-related) fights that go on in a few areas.


Itaewon is one of the districts of Seoul. It's located next to a U.S. military base. There are a lot of American soldiers, American military police, Turks, Arabians, Nigerians, Russians, Pakistanis, British, Australians, some Mongolians, and lots of Koreans in this district. Itaewon is much more safe when compared to how it was more than a decade ago. Here's how Itaewon is like now:


Skip to 4:14 if you want to see more of Itaewon:




Rapes really don't happen often in Seoul. Amongst the districts in Seoul, Gwanak has the most rape cases. Many single women live here - a lot of them being students. There's a large university here. Behind the university is a large mountain:



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Chris Fromage

I live a small village in the middle of nowhere. The worst thing that happened here is that someones chicken was missing for 2 days....

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I live a small village in the middle of nowhere. The worst thing that happened here is that someones chicken was missing for 2 days....

I love Japan and specially Japanese villages.

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Captain VXR



I live in a city with about 30,000 inhabitants. There aren't tough neighborhoods here. The toughest is probably the part in the east, where the most immigrants live (most of the immigrants are muslim and Turkish). They (not all) are often nasty, disrespectful, behave like total machos and are not very popular amongst us natives and amongst other christian immigrants, this goes for all of the country. Muslims don't belong to christian countries imo. The cultural differences are too big, causing too many problems. But the German governments of the past are not innocent, they failed to assimilate most of them. They were too many, moving together and partly started to live in parallel societies. There are parts in Berlin policemen there called "lost". I think fellow Europeans can tell similar stories.

I have never ever had similar experiences in the UK, France, Spain, the Netherlands or Poland. Or the USA for that matter. Your description of Muslims sounds exactly like an EDL rally, oh the irony...


I live in a pretty small town, but some stuff does go on here. Corsham, Wiltshire used to be pretty bad back in the 80s-90s as teenagers used to fight kids from surrounding towns regularly, I think someone was killed in one of these fights but it could be rumours.


The worst neighbourhood would be the gypsy camp outside of town. Sometimes they come into town and rob dealers or get in fights. Aside from that there's Potley, which used to be a no-go area where you'd get beaten if you went in, even police didn't like to enter. There's also Lyppiatt and Rudloe, which are both council estate areas with a lot of unemployed people and dealers. There's a lot of drugs for a small town, weed is everywhere and it's easy to get, you could probably get anything if you knew the people but the drugs I could get are MDMA, coke, ketamine, 2CB, base and MKAT, which are all pretty easy to get as we've got quite a big rave culture. We also get people from the closest cities, Bristol and Swindon, coming in and robbing shops and stuff. I know a few people involved in dealing and stabbings in Bath too, which is the nearest city to me, in fact one dealer who has stabbed several people and stolen motorbikes used to go to college with me and sell me weed.

I wonder if you know any of the people I know lol, although I've never met a bike thief...


Wouldn't surprise me, does a black guy from Snow Hill with the initials CM mean anything to you?


Preusse: I have always felt more on edge in Englands working class white areas than multi cultural areas, though maybe that's because I'm not white. Also, my dad is Turkish and I felt safer there, even in dangerous and terrible looking neighbourhoods as the people are friendlier and you're less likely to get attacked by a gang of racist chavs.


CM doesn't mean anything to me, do you know a lad from Odd Down called ZT? I also feel safer in multicultural areas than certain white working class areas - Lawrence Hill feels safer to me than Knowle West as areas of Bristol with rough ish reputations go. Every time I've been at risk of being attacked in the UK it's been white chavs - once in Peasedown St John, once in Bristol and once in Portsmouth. I live near to an area with a high concentration of pubs, bars and nightclubs and it's almost always white people fighting. only seen black guys going at it once and never Asians or Arabs.

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Alipasino Polje and Svrakino Selo in Sarajevo,Bosnia.

If you make trouble with someone in there,they come to your doorstep,take you to mountain,beat the s&it out of you,and leave you naked tied to the tree.

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Cañada Real in Madrid.


99% of people there are gypsies and junkies. The sell drugs everywhere.






















The graffiti says different kinds of food they sell. Obviously each food represents a type of drug and the quantity is how much per gram.

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The "Quarters". A two block neighborhood that consists of drugs, trash of every race imaginable, and violence.

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The "Quarters". A two block neighborhood that consists of drugs, trash of every race imaginable, and violence.

And where is this neighborhood located?

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