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*sniff* am i the only one...

Pogo the Monk

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Pogo the Monk

AARRGHH! All my friends have it, many people on GTAforums prolly have it, but I don't! Damn, only £20, half way there... hell, I have played it, at my FRIENDS house! The bikes are mint. And if i can get £20 this weekend, then i'll get it. So, whats the first thing I should do when i get it? Don't say missions, I'll do them after a little exploring. Where is the first place I should go? (tell me the name, i should be able to find it)


Please? Help a guy who is angry... temporarily quench his VC thirst...

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Pogo the Monk
i suggest drug dealing and or prostitution to get that money asap

Hm, good idea. Or I could rob my neighbor, he'll never know that his priceless vase that he polishes every day has gone missing...

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I dont have it, but, Im getting it, for X-Mas. I will buy a PS2 (Thats right, I dont have one...yet :() I HAVE played it though. I have played every GTA there is. I beat GTA 2, and got about, 30% in GTA3 PC. I woulda finished it if it wasnt D/loaded off KaZaA. I got a 100% crack, so, I just messed around.


Now, first, what I'd do, Is just jack a Car, do a bit of side missions for cash...and buy a cheap house. Then, Id screw the missions, and just go gung-ho and kill as many things as I can, before being killed.

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. I woulda finished it if it wasnt D/loaded off KaZaA. I got a 100% crack, so, I just messed around.

We don't take kindly to your kind round' here...stay away from cracks...and if your gonna flame me...don't say i didn't warn ya...

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Vice City rules in my eyes. I won't compare it to GTA3 because, IT ISN"T GTA3!!! It's a WHOLE new game.


I wonder if this is a smiley... :rambo:



I need some bodily contact!

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Pogo the Monk

YES! I get vice on tuesday! I get vice on tuesday, nana na na, nana na na, ay!


I cant wait!

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Well, for those who sympasized with hte man (no problems there) how about this: i gotta wait till nov22(being auzzie) then another month for it to come to my town then another 3months for my brother to get bored with it so i can have a go. :bored: Prehaps understanding what i've said will help you understand why im not overly excited about vice.

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