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Last of the side missions


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OK, we all know about the R3 missions, Property assets, Stadium, & Assassination Contracts.  But what about the Dirt Track, RC Missions & various vehicle activated missions?


Post any of these missions here & what is required.  I've never seen a topic about this before, or any type of help for them...


I'll Start


Dirt Track (Sanchez/Car? located Northeast of western Island) - Finish ? Laps, no time limit.  Beat old record for high reward.  I suggest finishing 9/10, then letting the time go up so you can make more & more money off it. *Caution - Sometimes Haitian w/ machetes come after you while doing this on a Sanchez, but they have the only Black Sanchez' I've seen in the game*


Trial Run (Sparrow, located in the middle of apartments in Washington near a police bride, *mission activated*) - Collect all checkpoints, no time limit.  Same deal as before....but in a Helicopter.  just fly around collecting the checkpoints but be careful as some are located in places that are liable to get you blades stuck....


Any one else know of any



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PCJ Playground located beside the malibu club. You have about 2:00 to go through all of the checkpoints, it's pretty hard.

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There are at least four Sparrow missions.  There's one in the courtyard between The Chase mission buildings, one on the roof where you do the Unique Jump over the Pay'n Spray (south side of first island), one where you start the G-Spotlight mission and another in Little Haiti on a roof you jump to (start the jump from where you picked up the last package for that old Voodoo chick.  Go through the alley straight ahead of you and jump the jump.).

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4 sparrow checkpoint missions (Vice point, little haiti, downtown, ocean beach?)


3 RC missions (plane top level car park at north point mall, car, north beach at first island, helicopter = b*tch, airport)


4 vehicle activated missions (stallion, landstalker, sanchez, pcj)


Sorry if I missed any.

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There are several RC missions in the TopFun vans.  I know one is on the top level of the North Mall parking garage.  It's a bi-plane race mission.

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4 vehicle activated missions (stallion, landstalker, sanchez, pcj)

Where is the Stallion mission???

Top of the moss covered car park, first island, get in the stallion(should be the only one up there) activates a mission called "cony crazy"


Hint - scout the area first and plan your attack, the timer doesn't start until you hit a checkpoint.

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