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[PS3] Looking for busy/active crew. UK evenings

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As title says on PS3. Looking for an active crew, in the UK I play mostly evenings after 10pm.


Would like to run with ppl for missions, car meets, free roam wars etc. General messing about.



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Sure, however a very small crew ATM, mine is The Black Org, if you're a really good player, go for the Manchester firm

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Well if you enjoy racing, you could consider mine. Links in sig. We're a racing crew but we also just screw around a lot, wingsuiting is our new favourite hobby hehe. A lot of members are UK, but yeah, if your not into racing that much, maybe look elsewhere.

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If you're over 18 check out gunslingergaming.com. We have crews for both ps3 and xbox it's a closed crew and you need to sign up for the forums first but, it's well worth the extra time.

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hey if you're interested in joining a small crew thats looking to expand, send me a pm.


We play most evenings, and focus on freeroam fighting whilst using skype on laptops to keep in contact during games. Gives a real edge :D

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I've a big crew with 200+ members. We do events daily with full lobbies like race marathons, car-meets, fight clubs, demolition derby's and much much more. We recently started doing a lot of recording (for videos / livestreams) and have got 250 subscribers on YouTube in a few days. We have a forum where we communicate and our own chat for the more casual communication. Mature, friendly and active crew, and you've to meet some essential but simple requirements in order to join (we need to be a bit strict about this to avoid getting the scums into the crew who ruins some of our activities and also to make sure you make the most out of your GTA Online experience).


If interested, then send me a PM.


I'm also interested in talking with leaders of smaller crews, as we're looking to get 1 or 2 more 'leader-types' in the crew to help out with the management of it.

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