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Death row


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Hype - yeah it is.


So - Get a big car/van or something, go crashing through the parked car and run over as much people as possible, drive around to where lance is, stand in front of him and take out as many people as possible.  Then, when everyone's dead, get him to the hospital.


I know it sounds easy, but it's not really.  You'll need a bit of luck with it.

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The Uzi is a good gun for this one.  It has a good rate of fire and reloads quickly.  I did this one on the first try by crashing through and driving straight to the back, just like the advice above says.  That's the best way to go IMO.

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the easiest way I found is:

Stock up on the best firepower you can afford, and find a decent vehicle (phil's humvee works nicely)  Then plow threw the front barrier and run over as many people as you can before it blows.  Bail from the flaming humvee and start taking people down till everyone's dead and gone. Then go get lance.  For the escape get to the Trashmaster parked nearby and drive away clean (since the comets can't put a dent in the thing)

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i've done it - thanks fo ryour haelp guys - i used the big trah thingy to get out so when i was rammed they caught fire. Thanks ALOT !

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A very easy way to do Death Row is to get 90 secret packages (helps if you use a guide, only took me a whole 3 hours :zZz: ). Go to the army base, swipe a tank and take it to Hyman Condos. Go to Ocean Heights and grab body armour and a Python. Get an Uzi from behind the Pay+Spray, go back and get more Python ammo, get more Uzi ammo, etc. until you have about 40 Python rounds and 100 Uzi rounds. Go back, save again so you can reload the game with lots of ammo if it goes wrong, and get your tank. Chainsaw the doors off so Lance can get in faster. Start the mission, blow up the roadblock with the turret, killing all the gate guards, and cruise over. Driveby everyone inside, and use the turret to shoot the sniper off the crane. Park with the passenger side to the warehouse entrance. Leave only a tiny gap, enough to get in through but not enough for Lance to be snipered through. Get out and shoot anyone left with the Python. Walk into the warehouse, and quickly shoot all 3 guards. Rescue Lance, and get back in the tank. Drive out of the junkyard again, run over all the Comets and enjoy a gentle ride back to the hospital. Using this method, I only took about 15 damage.

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I used the helicopter,land it quickly,kill off the ppl round there and leg it to the copter with lance. It took a few attempts to get right though.

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I found the Ruger to be a rather effective weapon for this mission, as most of your enemies have short range weapons and horrible accuracy. At one point it seems that the majority of the oppostion charges you making it easy to take them all out at a safe range- then, just haul ass to where lance and take out the people guarding him with a submachine gun.

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Python is hands down, one of the best weapons to use on this mission or any other.  Fools go down with one shot.

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