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Timed out locating online session


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So I Googled about this first and the only fix I can find is to delete my character?? I just got my character to Level 90 last night as I really wanted the better sniper rifle. Please tell me there's another way to get back online, I'm going to be gutted if I have to delete :(

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I'm having the same problem, have been playing fine for weeks until today. No changes my end and I've rebooted my router/ps3 with no success.


Anyone else with this problem or is it just me and the OP?

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I really hope that's the issue, I REALLY don't want to have to delete my character, I spent real money on it getting the 10 car apartment, the Adder etc etc

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Seems there is a issue on PSN side...




I keep loosing connect to PSN, and GTAO is timing out....


Thanks Noobie! :)


Hmmm, would be nice if they give us a bit of frigging info on this instead of keeping us all hanging

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Finally got on GTAO without timing out.... Not sure how stable it is though because my PSN was flaking out just before I tried.... Been on for around 20 minutes without getting booted...

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i've got same problem as well since 1.07 update.

i can play in games with a couple players, but with more players i'll get the connection errors and keeps kicking me out to gta v.

also unable to play missions most of the time.


does anyone has a solution for this,?

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since 1.08 I get the timed error each time i start the game and try to load it straight into online mode.......but if i let it load to story mode then select to go online i have no problems

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Since the 1.08 update i havent been able to go online with other players unless i do an invite only session but still only people connected to my router can join i have tried all of my 4 playstation 3s and all other games work fine i dont know whats happening??

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I've been having troubles, too. One second I'm fine, then, I can't log in anymore. It goes to the world overview, then I see snow, so I know it has to be working to a degree, and then it gives me the error message :/ Do we have to delete our characters? If so, I'm going to say to hell with it, I'm gonna use DNS and get back to where I was. I don't have the time to grind again.

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Had the same problem today. Just deleted the 1.08 update and reinstalled it, and now the online game works just fine.. Hope it's gonna work for other players with that problem.


Sorry for my bad English

Edited by Bigviking
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Having same problem, I joined a survival job and after we failed it I left, joined an empty server, clicked new session and now I'm here. Also, I couldn't see anyone on my friends list after that too so it could maybe be on psn's side. (I fixed the friend list thing though.)

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I deleted the 1.08 update and reinstalled it then it told me this gta v timed out while checking current compatibility pack configuration. When I searched it up it mostly came up with people modding and I don't even know how to mod.

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Im having timimg out issues and also has anyone been getting into rooms and everyone leaves once you are in it. its like i lag out but it keeps me in the session. Its getting old entering rooms and then everyone disappears. im on xbox live

Edited by Shadycharacter
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