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I found chopper on first island


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:) I just found a regular sparrow on the first island. check it out for yourselves and tell me at what point you think it spawns there. i would assume it is not there at the beginning. nut if you go to the Links View Apartments on the first island and approach the place where you save/ purchase the building. then face away from the doorway and go down the ramp. cross the road and turn right. head straight along the pavement and somewhere around there in the side of the buildings there should be an archway. head through it and in the first grassy yard on your right there it should be, sat in the middle of the lawn:nervous: .


The chopper is accually a task like an air race or something. but if you fly off with it, land somewhere and climb out then the task should be 'bailed' tyhen climb back in and fly to your hearts content.



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There are two Sparrows on EACH Island. The other on the Eastern Island in ontop of the building you land on when you hit the jump in the small white carpark. ( The one that you use the alley to get speed). I'm not exactly sure when it starts showing up, but it is after you've unlocked both islands at least. On the west island, there is one on the building that you can use the elevator in. The last is ontop of a small building really close to Kaufman Cabs. (Look for the billboards)

Also, if you push the Sparrow away from the original spawn point, the checkpoint won't initiate. This also works for the PCJ Playground PCJ as well.  

Hope this helps  ;)

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