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is being in love at 14, really...

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Frank Brown




Hell, lets just go full on!



You just don't like me, do you?




I mean, Love is a strong word. I don't think 14 year old can really be "in love"..right? Let me te you something about my friend...egh...Tegrat (He is a immigrant or something.) T thinks he is in love but doesn't want to be. He thinks that its impossible for a kid to be really in love. But he's head tells him otherwise.


Now help me..EGhh i mean my friend tegraT.



plus a bonus question: Whats your favorite tv show? Mine is the Breaking Bad.

Look dude, if you think you're in love, go for it.


The thing I would do, is take my penis out and put it right in her (or his) face. If she (Or he) touches it, or possibly puts there mouth on it, it may mean they love you back. Or, if she (or he) runs and tells the cops, they probably don't love you like you love them.


This is the method I use, and I have only had the cops called on me 7 times.


7 out of 7? Not bad.

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Yeah, it's definitely possible. I started a 4 year relationship at 14, and I was in love. My definition of love at the time, however, was much different than it is now.


I don't think the feeling of love changes. It's the characteristics we're looking for in a person and the characteristics that we use to define what makes us love someone that change.

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mr quick

Well i first had sex at like 15


also i loved her

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