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Support ticket about reimbursment of Rat Loader mods money

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Props for sticking in there with support, I have similar experiences with them just trying to report and document game bugs. So frustrating. I just gave up, they dont want to hear about bugs then i wont bother reporting them

what did you expect?


instant fix?

an unnecessary conversation? ..........when all thats required is you writing down the issue and circumstances and sending it in.

a pat on the head?

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Still no answer. Will bump it in a week, though.


Did anyone got their money back over this yet? Link and transcript of ticket could help.

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Have you seen this?



1/9/14 Update: We plan to make the Rat Loader and its mods free in game for a limited period of time in the future. As a result, you'll be able to own and store this vehicle again permanently, so if you lost a Rat Loader through TU 1.07 or are simply interested in checking it out, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page. As soon as there is more information about specific dates, you will receive an automatic email notification when we update this page.



Dude Rockstar make billions on their games within the first week, down load 4 copies they wont give a sh*t

I`m not aiming to bankrupt Rockstar. I only want to sleep better at night :)


Edited by MantisFang

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Thanks for the link Mantis. I MIGHT give this game one more chance :)

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