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Do not save at cherry poppers!


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Do not save at the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Save or your Save WILL become Corrupted and you will have to start all over. This has happened to me and a few others in this forum! When you go to load the game the screen will remain black. No matter what you do it will stay like that. You will have to start all over. So this is a huge Warning! Do not save at the Cherry Poppers or your save will become corrupted!


P.S.- Try and save in two different slots in your memory card in two different save points to never have this happen! :furious:

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mm...Right...Ive saved at Cherry Poppers tons of times. Nothings happened to me. Actually, my games never corrupted my save and my games never crashed since i bought it when it first came out

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I also saved at cherry's and all the other savepoints and never had any trouble. and I use button cheats and Action replay cheats (PAL version of gameshark), the lot of them, no trouble (yet)

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I constantly save my game so I have zero death status, and such and I never have any probs maybe besides longer then usual load, not clue why, but thats about the only save/load prob iv ever had

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hey i dint seem to have a problem with it either until it happened. SO dont be so sure. Just keep saving there and it will happen. Its happened to me and a couple others. mabye its rare but if you think ur right than by all means, you can save there all you want. But dont say i didnt warn you!

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