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Last two missions won't unlock!


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I've beaten everything anyone has said I have to beat to get the final missions. In fact, I've done it twice, and I haven't unlocked the final missions yet! All of Cortez, Carrington, Phones, Diaz, Vercetti(up through Cop Land), Cabs, Umberto, Poulet, Boatyard, Malibu, and Print Works. All of those! What now? I've done all of this twice! And I still haven't been given the last two missions! Is my game just effed up? Has anyone else had this problem? Help!





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yea thats it, it doesnt count if you dont complete there missions (ie buying boatyard without doing checkpoint charlie)

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yeah the checkpoint charlie mission is the one i missed lol..i spent like 2 hours looking for more places to buy.

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i DID do Checkpoint Charlie. My list was a list of all the assets I completed. I've bought, and completed, Boatyard, Kauffman, Print Works, Malibu, and Interglobal Films. Along with doing the Hatian and Cuban missions, Colnel Cortez, etc. Do I NEED to buy everything? Like all the houses, Ice Cream factory, Strip Joint, etc.?



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Have you tried not sucking? Ummm.... Sorry, i'm tired. Anyway, I just bought all the assets(Malibu,Pole Position, etc.) and did the missions for them. That unlocked them for me. :/  Sorry if i'm not much help, i'm really tired, I was awake until 4 o'clock playing VC.... Yeah... The power of techno music is keeping me awake...... :music: Dooo Deee Dooo.... :zZz:

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Frank Castiglione

you have to start buying up the safehouses, too.  you also have to get cherry poppers and pole position making money for you.  don't worry about the R3 missions, i didn't even start those until i finished the game.

Nolite arbitrari quia venerim mittere pacem in terram non veni pacem mittere sed gladium.
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Sorry if you said that you completed them, but the payphone missions ? the Top Fun missions ? or aren't those necessary (sorry for my bad spelling)

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u have to get profet for all ur property, Malibu, Print Works, taxi cab co., ect. and do the import export garage, then u get a call

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