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[PS3] Looking for 16 Players for 50+ Mile Adventure Race


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Will start a lobby in a few and run the race in about 45-50 mins if we get enough people in

Might be able to get online by then. Send me an invite if you see me sign in before you start it up.

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it's a shame my need of sleep took over

hope to be part of the next one


whoever hosts or if you are there jordimac invite me if there is still free space


see y'all psn isakko887

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Hi Mattaok,


Shame about the race last night, but what can you expect with a a lobby filled with tired Italians you just met for the first time!

I'll be on tomorrow (Sunday), so drop me an invite so we can have a more civilized race.

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Im in too.


Race time will be 9pm EST tonight.


1. Mattoak1

2. Malakai713

3. Smoke

4. A58382147390746

5. Scrubby-Nuts

6. spartier199

7. wakafirer

8. White trash skep + a buddy

9. Jordymac92

10. jesone1

11. Suwu

12. llite47





Mics are a great asset but not needed. We frequently stop at checkpoints to collect everyone & compliance with this is necessary. The race takes about 40 minutes to complete & is always a good time.


You may want to have a custom super car so you can keep up with the field.


Post up your PSN ID

Edited by S-M-O-K-E
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any car right

Added you to the list.


We typically run super cars. Any car you want to pick within the super class is fine.

Edited by S-M-O-K-E
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