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What's the most stupid ped...


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Okay, I got a prostotute and my car was caught on some steps. So I got out and the tute walked behind the car and I did'nt know it. So I pushed the car back and it crushed her. I ran around to the back and I saw these legs twich.


What's your stupid ped story? :die:  :colgate:



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I saw a gang member put his hands up and some other gang member shot him in the head :die:

r they the same gang? cuz if they r that is funny. otherwise ?

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HAHA! Oh yeah, One time I heard a gun shot, so I ran around the corner and there was a dead cop lying on the grond in a pool of blood. :O

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One time I shot out this guy's tires, then I kept shooting his car until it set on fire. He just sat in the car to the bitter end!


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saw a ped get out of his car to look at the other ped that he killed with his car only to be hit by another car, and that ped got out then got smacked by my stolen car, that some guy took of mine, pretty nice chain reaction

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This is not really funny, but anyways, i had 1 star, and this cop started chasing me, then he ran in to a wall, and kept running in to it while i was sitting behind him, watching him.....then he started to annoy me so i took out my remote controlled grenade thingys, put one next to him, went behind a bush, ducked, and watched him go flying twenty feet in the air, it was great.

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Good times....


I think that fag w/ the pink skin tight shorts and rollerblades is preety funny.And those peds that jump out of the way when ur car comes by but they end up actually jumping in front of the car

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i sometimes get these peds that run around 5 times faster than everyone else.

What is it with that? It's like their on crack or something! :O




:D  :O  :D  :O

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I was in that place where u start the mission g-spotlight.  I shot the glass out and someone got scared and jumped out of the building. Don't worry the concrete stopped his fall :D

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LOL... All very funny. It's funny when you're in gang territory and someone shoots while you're barreling down the road and all the stupid peds just run out all over the street and get run over by you and other people.


I like making people jump into the water, or taking a car with a hostage and jumping out so he flies into the water lol... :colgate:

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I had a prostitute and if you park whatever side they get in on the side of a cliff they will fall off when they try to get out!!!!!!!!

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A short old woman because I was on level 10 of the ambulance mission and I had to save the woman and I accidentally ran over her  :sui:

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Any guy in a suit. Those guys are f*cking morons. Whenever I do my Cherry Popper missions, they can't find where to go to buy the damn drugs.  :sarcasm:

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i was in the mall and there was a big fight between a gang, security gaurds and the police and there was like at least 5 people on each team and they totaly beat each other to a pulp. and then i gunned the suviovors down and then i killed my self :)  :sui: dont ask me y?

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