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Share Your Playstation Creations

Recommended Posts


Game Mode: Point to Point Race


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs?missionId=gG8fpCX0i0qAXoVAIL83Cg


Description: Based off the Gumball 3000, this 50+ mile adventure style race brings you through mountains and dirt roads, all the way down to the city and beaches.



Your link didn't work for me try this http://rsg.ms/f64ae6a

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Benny Guy


Edited by Benny Guy
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Played a lot of rallygames and saw the opportunity to make a rally in Blaine County consisting of 5 stages while the last one is a super stage.

Have made a lot of efford to create this, including weather effects and the placing of the checkpoints. cars are custom and sports because the standard versions are too slow in my opinion. have fun and practice your car skills


BCRC: Rally Pro


Also made a Runners vs. Panto's-job, but this one is different from the rest as it is a 3D-surrounding. just try to get to the end, dodge the cars and shoot the pipes if you made it to get the weapons.


3D-Runners vs. Panto's

Edited by NationalManOfMystery

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Rally d'Italia http://rsg.ms/aa8d850

This track is intended for fun and not for racing. Have fun with your friends in this hillclimb tarmac stage. You can challenge each other for the best time and finish the race when you want.

The track is constantly updated at the moment, the actual version is v3.0

Track Record: 0:50:98 (RE-7B)


Edited by FabiancsjGT3

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Draconic Ring

This is a short 8 shaped track that is perfect for doing races with a lot of laps.

The average laptime is between 35 and 40 seconds in sports class.


Edited by FabiancsjGT3

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Job Link: http://rsg.ms/315e77b


Job Title: Mount Chiliad Touge




(No Stunts) A newly build canyon road on Mount Chiliad, you will start from the peak going downhill, u-turn at the bottom and go back uphill. The route loop itself so beware on coming traffic. Perfect for classic need for speed carbon canyon duel, recommend racing with a smaller group of driver. Enjoy!






3.97 miles




4 Variation currently available:

Downhill & Uphill (Lap) : http://rsg.ms/99ff858

Uphill & Downhill (Lap) : http://rsg.ms/2682bc9

Uphill (Point to Point) : http://rsg.ms/7186690

Downhill (Point to Point) : http://rsg.ms/a4e0b41

Edited by MrGrandis
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On 5/21/2017 at 4:09 PM, kailomonkey said:

Hi I'm no longer a ps3 owner and am looking for someone to play and video an old race for me. It's a long one! The more in the race the better and preferably an experience enjoyed!


If you really love Outrun like I do put some outrun music on while you play and enjoy as it was intended. It has 4K likes from back in the day but nearly as many dislikes due to not everyone enjoying this kind of long freeway race but it has been a lot of fun when the right players have gotten into it in large enough numbers. I'm not expecting anyone to go out of their way just if you have the tools and the passion I'd appreciate it!


Format: PS3


OutRun 15stg Long Freeway


VERY Long Freeway inspired by OutRun (1986 SEGA Arcade) TARGET TIMES: Super 15 MINUTES. Solo 14 min. [sTART]- Battle-Road USA (1-5), Route A (5-11), Actua Bridge* (11-15), Downtown Madness* (15-23), Vinewood Beach (23-25) -[ONE THIRD]- Emerald Coast (26-27), Ridge Racer (27-29), Passing Village (29-31), Specific Highway* (31-32), Heat Wave (32-33) -[TWO THIRDS]- Route B (34-39), Bunki Junction (39-50), Route CDE (45-56), Le Mans Dawn* (56-59), TurboX-1* (59-1)-[FINISH] *alt

Players: 1-16

Laps recommended: 1 (15 minutes)

Vehicles recommended: Super (custom with boost)

Time recommended: Current (to enjoy the change of atmosphere)

Weather recommended: Clear

Link: http://rsg.ms/9741ea7


Thank you for playing and if any video is made of it please send me a link at [email protected] Thank you

PS I had a storm drain race if you want to video that too :D



My race (above) has been updated for PS4 with a tiny name change to distinguish it. The original is still available for PS3 and PS4 and I managed to video it myself once I was on PS4 which I'll include below.
The updated version has a few more decorative objects to help theme the most major checkpoints and allows the new maximum 30 players and newer cars. Thank you all for the 2K plays already of the new version.


Title: OutRun 15 Pt Long Freeway

Description: [same as above] Basically a very long freeway race with smooth checkpoint flow. Vanilla race.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Players: 1-30

Traffic: Low

Time of Day: Current

Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/LwhsQRi3CkOSk3WJCYZqXQ



Recommend filling up with players for best experience unless you really like going round the map alone :P

Also recommend switch to NO TRAFFIC which on PS3 version was default and a lot of people preferred, but the Low Traffic keeps the race interesting if there are less racers and spread out.

Noon and Clear are an ideal time of day and weather for OutRun but keeping everything Current keeps things interesting for me


Edited by kailomonkey
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Platform: Playstation 4.

Game Mode: Stunt Race


Description: Stunt race locked to Mule Trucks.    Still a few kinks with the big loop, as seen you are suppose to use the walls to make your Mule slide back onto it's wheels.    But as seen in lap 3 it apparently don't work every single time.    

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Platform: PS4

Game Mode: Survival 

Link: The Construction Site Massacre


Convince your underpaid workers to finish the project before the deadline by any means necessary. Don't expect to make any friends.




Map might not make any sense if you are not familiar with the place since it's a really big multiple floor map. Make sure to invite some players. A total of 7 entrances to the custom made basement floor, some extra paths to the different floors as well.


Still a lot of tweaking left enemy, weaponwise and wave 12-20.


I have made some changes to the map since the video.


Edited by robban
Adding text

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Posted (edited)




Created by DUCK_R0CKH4RD_


Just for Rallycross.Copied from XB1.




Last Played
1 to 15
Game Mode
Land Race
Route Type
Route Length
1.67 Kilometers
Vehicle Classes
Sports Classics




Edited by -inVADER-

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Hondo Karr

Title: HK Racing - Chicken Run

Platform: PS4

Game mode: Stunt Race

Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/T5rh6CmPcUeBTaUQesY6gw

Description: A stunt race where when you get to the end of the straight you effectively do a U-Turn to go back down the same straight, and then the same again at the other end, this creates the very real possibility that you will meet your fellow racers head on, thus it becomes a game of Chicken if you want to keep your racing line.


A single Lap Demo -


A typical race -


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Hondo Karr

Title: HK Racing - Rainboval

Platform: PS4

Game mode: Stunt Race

Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/job/gtav/hQeqSKqMh0O5zDVOJXzjCw

Description: Just a basic oval for fast racing. Not really a stunt race as such, just classified as that because it was created using stunt pieces.


A single lap demo -



A typical race -



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