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Share Your Playstation Creations


Recommended Posts


Hello, welcome to my first attempt at creating a stunt race. I'm an avid follower of this particular section of the site and have driven many of the posted races here. I particularly enjoy the races created by FR_Player-One. Anyway, I'd be so happy if you could take a moment to try out my race and let me know where things could be improved.






Platform: PlayStation 4


Game Mode: Stunt Race [No Stunts]


Players: 1 - 30


Details: High speed circuit based race set in South Los Santos with a good number of tricky high speed corners to contend with.





Download: http://rsg.ms/d1efc8a

Updated download link that wasn't working. 😀

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Platform: PS4 or PS3

Game mode: GTA Race

Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/xX-o9AVN5UOPpjgYc1disw#
Race around the city while dodging vechiles and rockets.Wait rockets???Well have fun




1-10 Players





0.81 miles


Muscle, Sports, Super, SUVs

Edited by TeamRed47
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Platform: PS4 or PS3

Game mode: Land Race

Link: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/sZrSJr8770-YJiENkahH3w#

Description: @ Trevor's Airfield with sick - fun jumps









0.94 miles


Compacts, Coupes, Cycles, Motorcycles, Muscle, Off-Road, Sedans, Sports, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs, Utility

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Platform: PlayStation 4

Game Mode: Stunt Race

Players: 1 - 30

Description: Looking like something from a sci-fi film in the distance, Ion Delta will provide thrill-seekers and speed freaks with their required dose of pure pleasure. Ion Delta is an aerial circuit tailored for the Special Ability of the Coil Rocket Voltic featuring elevated sections, tight turns, high-speed straights and two colossal iconic loops which will either make you pass out or vomit.

Link: http://rsg.ms/663216c Edited by REXX
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Platform: PlayStation 4

Game Mode: Stunt Race

Players: 1 - 16

Description: How do you get a lonesome town like Paleto Bay to attract a bunch of tourists? Simple. Build a multi-million dollar colossal aerial circuit above Paleto Forest. Specially constructed for the Coil Rocket Voltic and its unique capability, U-Kinekt features high-speed straights, forked sections, inclined drops and three massive loops that will definitely give your Voltic a run for its money. Apart from wrecked Voltics, expect spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, Mount Chilliad and the sky.

Link: http://rsg.ms/cc0e4d1
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The Los Santos Auto Club Grand Prix.



Street track through west Los Santos, centered on the Pacific Coast freeway. Inspired by real like city circuits such as Monaco, Long Beach and Toronto.



Link: http://rsg.ms/76e6554

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Platform: PlayStation 4

Game Mode: Stunt Race

Players: 1 - 16

Description: With the blinding sun in your eyes, your engine clogging up with sand and temperatures exceeding 104°F, you're probably asking yourself; why am I here? Simple, Bullshark Testosterone just isn't doing it for you. Built with the special abilities of the Ruiner 2000 in mind, Heatstroke will have you jumping, smashing and gliding your way through a lap race in the Grand Senora Desert under the scorching sun. You're guaranteed to finish with a new tan... If you're really lucky, sunstroke.

Link: http://rsg.ms/ae2c9ac


Edited by REXX
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Platform: PS4
Game Mode: Deathmatch
Link: http://rsg.ms/f387f30
Description: A fair deathmatch. Two levels of fighting. Second level only accessable with vehicle big jump.


It is a simple deathmatch. My aim was to create a more imaginative one so that when 1 person reaches the top and gets to the weapons its not game over for everyone. In this deathmatch 2 people can reach the top platform and can try and get in the prized tank, or get the homing rockets. The climbing structures are far apart enabling chances for others to reach the first level, which as weapons on.

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Platform PS4

Type Stunt Race - no stunts


Here are three Destruction Derby type races. Customs off, contact on. Tips in the description for each.

Links below
















Social club won't let me access quick links.

Edited by Griefstryke
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PS4 Stunt races, no stunts

Dual Race of Champions style tracks


Dual Showdown



Dual Showdown High Speed



Indoor Dual



Dual of Champions





PS4 Trophy Truck and Dune style arenas with Stunts


Trophy Truck Playground



Rally Truck Playground (Dunes)






Awkward post since I'm on mobile. These tracks have had many hours of work put it, i hope you enjoy any constructive feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Edited by Griefstryke
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GP/// Vinewood 'Clips


Again a proper racetrack, although very particular, since it mainly takes place in the Vinewood Hills, but it is intended to be played as a proper GP track.


Brakes, Self-Control and Accuracy. You will need them to avoid destroying your expensive car on one of these ultra expensive houses on the Vinewood Hills. What did you expect from driving at this speed on these narrow roads, hm?


This is certainly the most difficult track I know of, at least in the GP category and/or that I've made anyway. As it is very hard not to crash, or not scratch your car on something. For every perfect trajectory, there is ten that will lead you in a wall.
The track is also pretty long, pretty tight. Opportunities to overtake properly are rare if you play on contact (which I don't recommend at all lol).


Players : 1-30

GTA mode with PIT lane available.


Download (PS4) : http://rsg.ms/0ee6239


Video Showcase :



Try Kerb Boosting on this one, I dare you :D

Edited by FR_Player-One
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Hey guys I'm working on getting all the platinum awards and created 3 very short, as in 20-25 second races in various places to add to a playlist to get myself into a solo lobby. But I'm wondering if you guys could get them some plays and thumbs up for me? I'd greatly appreciate it! Here's the link to all three:







Edited by drizzi_b
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My Brickades vs Faggios job went down well so I decided to make another variation! :p






Platform: PlayStation 4


Game Mode: Last Team Standing


Players: 2 - 16


Description: When a 9,000 tonne truck hits a 10 gram micro car, only one thing comes to mind; Dayum! Brickades have speed, Pantos have maneuverability. The Pantos must try to avoide the Brickades from pushing them off or taunt the Brickades into driving off themselves. Who'd have thought all of this was on top of a 50 storey high weird structure in the middle of the desert? Simple and fun. Set to FORCED ONLY.


Link: http://rsg.ms/036be0a

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GP/// Tripl'xXxero Course


How fast can you go from Top Speed to Zero, and then from Zero to Top Speed again ? High-Speed enclosed Street Circuit using parts of the highway near Del Perro.
This racetrack appears simple in its design, but your choice of vehicle, and how you master it in these delicate hairpins will be decisive here.


Players : 1-30
Laps per default : 3

Time set : Current
Weather : Clear

Mode by default : Non-Contact
GTA Mode with Pit lane available.


Download (PS4) : http://rsg.ms/a9f2f66


Video Showcase :

Edited by FR_Player-One
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An other on for me,


GP/// Little Rocket Ring


No Voltic here. Small and fast racetrack for all vehicle classes. Easy, until you push too far, a little too fast, make a mistake and learn how to fly like a Rocket against your will.
The work on elevation changes and banked turns is subtle, but I've tried to make it as smooth and clean as possible, mixing wider track pieces with standard ones making the road shape unique.
Players : 1-16
Laps per default : 6 (average 50sec/lap)
Time set : Mid Day
Weather : Clear
Mode by Default : Non-Contact
Download (PS4) : http://rsg.ms/060e8df
Video Showcase :
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Hi I'm no longer a ps3 owner and am looking for someone to play and video an old race for me. It's a long one! The more in the race the better and preferably an experience enjoyed!


If you really love Outrun like I do put some outrun music on while you play and enjoy as it was intended. It has 4K likes from back in the day but nearly as many dislikes due to not everyone enjoying this kind of long freeway race but it has been a lot of fun when the right players have gotten into it in large enough numbers. I'm not expecting anyone to go out of their way just if you have the tools and the passion I'd appreciate it!


Format: PS3


OutRun 15stg Long Freeway


VERY Long Freeway inspired by OutRun (1986 SEGA Arcade) TARGET TIMES: Super 15 MINUTES. Solo 14 min. [sTART]- Battle-Road USA (1-5), Route A (5-11), Actua Bridge* (11-15), Downtown Madness* (15-23), Vinewood Beach (23-25) -[ONE THIRD]- Emerald Coast (26-27), Ridge Racer (27-29), Passing Village (29-31), Specific Highway* (31-32), Heat Wave (32-33) -[TWO THIRDS]- Route B (34-39), Bunki Junction (39-50), Route CDE (45-56), Le Mans Dawn* (56-59), TurboX-1* (59-1)-[FINISH] *alt

Players: 1-16

Laps recommended: 1 (15 minutes)

Vehicles recommended: Super (custom with boost)

Time recommended: Current (to enjoy the change of atmosphere)

Weather recommended: Clear

Link: http://rsg.ms/9741ea7


Thank you for playing and if any video is made of it please send me a link at [email protected] Thank you

PS I had a storm drain race if you want to video that too :D

Edited by kailomonkey
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Platform: PS4

Land Race

1-18 Players


Title: Tongva Track


Lap race around the Tongva Hills. The tons of corners and erratic road up and downs make this an intermediate track, a proving ground for beginners and a good test track for the veteran or pro. Supercars should be able to complete it within 5 to 7 mins at 2 laps.


Social Club link: http://rsg.ms/a8a6589


Feedback and criticism is very much welcome.

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