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GTAForums does NOT endorse or allow any kind of GTA Online modding, mod menus, tools or account selling/hacking. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules.

Share Your Playstation Creations


Recommended Posts

Check out our first video for our channel Team Krackerz. It's a motorbike stunt mash up hope you like it.

We will be doing more video that be coming soon.

Here the link to our video:

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Check out our first video for our channel Team Krackerz. It's a motorbike stunt mash up hope you like it.

We will be doing more video that be coming soon.

Here the link to our video:

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This section is for created jobs - please use the video thread for stuff like this


Check out our first video for our channel Team Krackerz. It's a motorbike stunt mash up hope you like it.
We will be doing more video that be coming soon.

Edited by sleepwalk1980
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New Stunt Race


Symmetry in Motion: http://rsg.ms/9584104

2 split-tube systems on each end, with a short road race in the middle, and a quick winding tube in the middle of that.

(Road race: 5 right turns >> white tube >> 5 left turns >> uphill tube)


Lap race (default: 2 laps)

1-30 players


Upgraded Supers can expect laps in the 2:15 - 2:30 range.

Vehicles from all classes, except offroad. I tested the regular version of each car available here.

Slower ones, like Coupes and Compacts can work the angles in the big vertical tube to get enough

speed for the jump to checkpoint 25.


Bikes need to *glide* to get there. Hold the left stick down to get through the ring of fire. And remember

to land on your back tire after big jumps. ;)


Thanks for the "like" votes! This one is fun to get good at.

These videos show what to do... and some of what not to do. :D

2 laps in an RE-7B:



2 laps in a Bati 801RR:


Edited by MerryPranxtr
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El Gordo Circuit


Link - http://rsg.ms/02beb60


I really spent a lot of time and effort in both designing the layout of the track and then creating it. As all my tracks this one is also a GP type circuit, with no jumps, ramps and things like that, it's made for pure racing. Track is roughly 5.5 kilometers in length (3.5 miles) and has a lot of variety. My main goals were combining nice turns with great views/scenery.


It's mostly located at San Chianski Mountain Range (one of my favorite parts of the map), track also goes past the El Gordo lighthouse (2nd picture in spoiler), and a part of it is in Grapeseed. There are some elevation changes, I also tried to keep different sections of the track close together, so the track often crosses over (like Suzuka for example). Turns are marked, showing the driver which turn is up next (left or right), and all corners have red and white curbs on the inside, to make it feel like a real racing circuit.


One of my favorite parts is where you drive over the bridge that connects the main road to El Gordo Drive (road that leads to the house next to the lighthouse). I've used props to level the road with the bridge, thus eliminating the bumb that normaly makes you jump. And there's part of the track also going under the bridge! (You can see it in the 1st picture in spoiler).



Sorry for poor resolution. :/








Really proud of this one, hopefully you guys like it. Here's a Test lap video, if you want to check it out.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all!


I wanted to start a new series of races, without stunts.

First up is a race around the docks (hence the name). the race is short with some possible overtaking spots, but technical!




Contact: Here

Non contact: Here


Video of one lap:

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK, so I decided to do something a little different. Based on the well known "Versus lts'" this on involves two rather odd vehicles :p






Players: 2 - 12


Game Mode: Last Team Standing


Description: What happens when a Brickade smashes into a helpless Faggio? Something very nasty. Brickades have speed, Faggios have maneuverability. The Faggio team must try and evade the Brickades for 5 minutes. The Brickade team must try to run the Faggio team over within the 5 minute time limit. A fun LTS. Set to FORCED ONLY.


Link: http://rsg.ms/8bd927d

Edited by REXX93
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Breakneck Roller-coaster




Out of my 9 stunt races, this is my, and my friends' favorite. It was designed to emulate riding on a roller-coaster, and it turned out great. Halfway through, you'll be in a tube going up, and the path will fork left and right. One path takes you through a giant loop, and the other through a spiral which leads to a final stretch with you driving on top of the tube. It's 2 laps, and if you're like me, you'll wish it were more.





Actual description:


Ever thought modern-day roller-coasters weren't enough of an adrenaline rush? They just didn't make you puke enough? Well mope no more as you take to the sky above the pier on this Super coaster featuring loops, spirals, corkscrews, and a split track to choose your poison!

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Dunno if this is ok here, but if anyone wants another person to help them test their races i'd be glad to help on PS4, psn id is FrostyJakemo

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Mt. Haan Road


Players: 1 - 12

Type: Land Race (originally stunt)

Length: 4,07miles

Location: Vinewood Hills, Grand Senora Desert (Mt. Haan Road)

In-Game Description: Mt. Haan Road, four miles of driving pleasure. Spectacular views, an aspiring road and the roar of a V12. What more could any passionate driver want? Up to twelve players and available for all vehicle classes. (Best played in the morning).

Detailed Description: I had originally created a race on the same road called Mountain Way, however lacked props and looked rather dull. Mt. Haan Road is a new and improved version with a variety of props placed around the road giving it a more "mountain feel". It is actually based on a road where I live in real life. I personally believe it is one of the best roads in San Andreas and I'm sure lots of passionate drivers will enjoy it :)

Playstation 4 link: http://rsg.ms/66223fb


One lap demonstration (1st person)

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Team Gauntlet #1 ¬¢$¥ [LTS] [PS4]


"2 Teams must navigate the turbine gauntlet to reach the HEAVY WEAPONS and TANKS at the end. Good luck! Special thanks to YOU KNOW WHO and FRIENDS ;)"




For more information add me on Social Club / PSN @Loftonian

Edited by Loftonian
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"Turbine Bouncers ¬¢$¥ " [GTA CAPTURE] [PS4]


Take your car to the goal. Easy, right? Did I mention that the entire field is covered in turbines and the enemy is chucking pipe bombs at you? Good luck! Special thanks to YOU KNOW WHO and FRIENDS ;)






For more information add me on Social Club / PSN @Loftonian

Edited by Loftonian
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I've made a GTA capture called "Vehicle Stealers I".


The objective of "Vehicle Stealers I" is that you steal a Hydra from Fort Zancudo using P996 Lazers. There's 10 respawning Savages waiting to use their explosive cannons and automatic missiles to take you down. There is also police helicopters and military ground forces. Also, there is another team trying to take the Hydra for themselves.

--------------------------Start Points & Capture Bases------------------------------->

Team 1 base: Sandy Shores Airfield

Team 2 base: McKenzie Airfield

------------------------------Respawn Points-------------------------------------------->

Team 1 respawn: Over Fort Zancudo's wetlands

Team 2 respawn: Over Mount Josiah


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That'd be made with mods yes?



No mods used.



How the devil did you get windmills?!




There's a glitch that allows you to copy someone else's saved job into your job slot in Creator mode. Not a mod, though, just to be clear. Simply a glitch :)


I'll be on PSn tonight at 4pm EST in a chat party called, "Share To Create" if anyone wants to learn the process of copying someone else's saved job.

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Title: Atomic Rubber GP


Atomic Rubber GP is a fast-paced lap race that reimagines the downtown landscape while providing clean lines and top speed thrills. No ramps or jumps, just pure racing exhilaration and a highly polished environment intended for rubber and road. All classes except for Vans and Utilities. **No Pit Lane**

Link: http://rsg.ms/21945eb

Edited by Swift1
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Residential Road Rage


Platform: PS4

Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/62e2c51

Description: This Lap Race takes place in the usually quiet neighbourhood of Mirror Park. For the duration of this event, Michael has 'persuaded' the Mayor to close off the roads to the public, thus racers need not concern themselves with traffic. Recommended 5 Laps.



Need for Speed


Platform: PS4

Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/17bf4da

Description: If you take pleasure in burning rubber whilst showing off your racing skills, then this Lap Race is for you. This race takes place in the Paleto Bay area and features both rough and smooth surfaces in addition to a dodgy bridge. Recommended 3 Laps.



Operation Burnout


Platform: PS4

Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/42b8a35

Description: This Lap Race hasn't been authorized by the Army, but with most of the soldiers away on Military Exercises, we thought we'd take advantage of their base and airstrip. Lets hope the troops don't return to the barracks early, else we're all screwed. Recommended 3-4 Laps.



Road Warriors


Platform: PS4

Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/c461cd8

Description: It's Trevor's Birthday! In honour of this annual event Ron has set up this Lap Race around Sandy Shores. It might be prudent not to screw this opportunity up. Trevor ain't too fond of failure, and you wouldn't want him stomping your head like a watermelon now, would you? Recommended 3 Laps.

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My first attempt at content creation. Enjoy.


Gran Prix of Sandy Shores


Platform: PS4
Game Mode: Land Race
Link: http://rsg.ms/af5b7a7
Description: There'll only be one chef cooking as Sandy Shores shuts down for race day. Try not to breathe in the toxic fumes blowing in from the Alamo Sea as you race for fame, fortune, and the plaque that'll hang in Otto's Auto Parts for the year. Please, avoid backfiring near the local medical meth locales. Standard lap race for BF Injection. Sponsored by Liquor Ace.

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I don't usually post my stuffs, but why not I guess.
You can check my other jobs on my channel if you want, I have a few GP style tracks that are done.

My latest creation is a "stunt" updated version of one of my very first GP style track, back in 2014.

High speed and high braking turns in the desert. This long and fast track will push you car to its limit. Top speed can make the difference on the finish line, and make sure to watch your back before the next turn.

I have used these roads a lot to test vehicles, especially fast ones, either in single player or Online.



Music : Fuel - Quarter (Need For Speed Underground OST)


Add this race to your game : http://rsg.ms/e3e6eeb

Zancudo Speedway

My latest attempt at a realistic-ish racing circuit, quite pleased with this one, one of my best tracks yet I think :-)


This is very good !

Edited by FR_Player-One
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"Battle of Wits 60s"


You have 60 seconds to venture outside the play area to find weapons.. but then you must return to the middle to FIGHT THE ENEMY in a BATTLE OF WITS! Will you get weapons in time? Will the enemy get them FIRST? Only fate knows...



Starts @ 20 minutes 20 seconds


Edited by Loftonian
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Wangan Yourself Blind



Game Mode: Land Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1f334b8

Description: When you've sunk your entire pension fund into an import, you need a venue to throw it down, and since Tokyo is the other side of the Pacific, the LS freeway network will have to do. Long lap race for 16 players inspired by the WMMT games.

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For some reason links aren't working, I'll try again later.


Made a race on PS3 called "TO THE BEACH", description is just "Take the long route" (yeah, imaginative, right? I was tired when I made it and never got round to changing it)


10 mile race for 4 players, all classes available. Its designed to be an actual test of driving skill, not a total smashfest or rocket battle.


Starting at Legion Square, the route will have you heading through everywhere from South Central to the Vinewood Hills. There's hairpin turns in the Hills and long, high-speed dash down the Great Ocean Highway...


The few times I've raced randoms on there, they've struggled, falling way behind even by the second section (which is usually around the time they quit). You're probably thinking that means its a bad race but I think its more of an example of difficulty; the average 'racer' assumes Speed>Technique and Drifting>Racing Lines.


The few who last at least until I finish have seemed pretty impressed so it can't be all that bad!


Get a couple of friends together and try it out!


I recommend traffic on, catch up off.

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