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Share Your Playstation Creations

Recommended Posts


If you have seen this http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52015/gta-online-playercreated-jobs-making-noise.html, you will love this!



Impossible Dam






1 to 12


A true test of nerves.

Use your bike and try to get across the dam.

Fail once and you will return to the start.

Extreme endurance.

Can you survive?

Controller refunds are not accepted, sorry.



I recommend you try it with Sanchez, and set to 1 laps, maximum 2.

You can get up to 6-7k RP for finishing first in a 1 lap race.




First checkpoint's too close too close to the ramp, move it back to gain some momentum

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Seafood gone bad

Assault rifle TDM at Pearls Seafood Restaurant.



Pacific Standard Bank
TDM in the interiors of Pacific Standard Bank.
FIB headquarters

Team deathmatch inside the FIB headquarters. AP Pistol.




Team deathmatch in the farming community area.



LOST Island

Ruthless battle in the LOST Pacific Ocean Island.



Vanilla Unicorn

Team Deathmatch inside the Gentleman's Club

Meet Franklin

Melee deathmatch inside Franklin mansion.

Humane Labs Undergrounds

TDM inside the Humane Labs Research facility.



Los Santos Transit

Team Deathmatch inside the Metro

Edited by el_serpe

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Boat Race 1-16 players.

Find the source of the Zancudo River.





Deathmatch & up to a 3 Team Deathmatch

2-16 players.

Take to the high seas, and wreck those pesky sailors that are after ye booty.



And you can find all of my other creations neatly compiled in my signature below. ;)

Edited by DuPz0r
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iv downloeaded a lot of these ready to play tonight some really interesting looking tracks, add me if your on ps3 kieranovks id be happy to play rate peoples tracks here are some of mine

91% like over 100 plays http://rsg.ms/1c6cMoT base escape good with muscles,







freeway speedway good with supers and custom on http://rsg.ms/1d2nFbD and









dam busters http://rsg.ms/1d2nRI7 my favourite personally very fun track I would recommend bikes but also fun in cars. Thanks if anybody plays them :}

Edited by paulmgrath

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My latest race:-




A small 1.5 mile lap around Little Seoul for multiple class cars and bikes.



A short lap but fast none the less which suits most class or car and bikes. I've also added powerups for the first time incase of GTArace.


Give it a try...



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Game mode: Team Deathmatch

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bU4SPr

Description: Battle it out in this chaotic deathmatch, right outside some poor saps house

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Race, On and Off Road


My race based on a fuel run for Mad Max in the last of the V-8 Interceptors


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Mr Oraange

Team Deathmatch

'Trouble at the Estate'


Situated along a lonely stretch of road, this cartel estate is at the forefront of a bloody deathmatch. Plenty of sheds and trees to cater to your cover needs.
Edited by Mr Oraange

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Would love my deathmatch to get out there and potentially get verified. I cant seem to get my creation out there for others to try. I feel like it is a nice deathmatch that is balanced, fun, and requires skill as nearly all the kills require free aim.

Please go out and try it!



Platform: PS3

Mode: Team Deathmatch 6-16 players

Name: Rooftop Rumble

Battle on top of the IAA and FIB building with snipers, RPGs, and more! Special spawn point for rhino tank on top of a building between the two. Grab the mallard and fly over to the helipad where you find a buzzard. Or even parachute to the buzzard from either building and wreak havoc on players. Or cant handle the heat? Jump off the building and take the easy way out


TRY it out!!

Link here:http://rsg.ms/1bY2ln9

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Point 2 Point muscle car race.

Be Steve McQueen or the mob in this GTA remake of the most classic chase. Hit the jump at the end or die just like the movie. 1-2 player Buccaneer/Dominator/Gauntlet only


Edited by Juanfartez

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Dust Devils was an idea I've had floating in my mind for a while, but i wasn't sure how to go about it, to make it as balanced as possible. In the end, i just chucked it together, and i think it worked out. If you try it, just make sure you keep traffic on, because you'll probably need it. They don't give you enough vehicles in my opinion, DD has maximum vehicles.




Deathmatch 2-16 players.

Grab a car, get to the explosives, and play hot potato with your rivals!



This one is still an "idea" as it's not testable with NPCs as they are dumbf*cks. And i don't even know if Submersibles are destroyable when bumping into one another. So i still need to test it with a few people. There's no real goal other than enjoy the underwater scenery and smash into each other like bumper cars, and maybe get a kill!


Still needs testing online.




Deathmatch 2-16 players.

Bumpercars.. only under water... in submarines! Goal? Just have fun.

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Please Check signature ;)
See you in LS

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I just spent some hours creating a deathmatch map inspired from fy_pool_day that can be played on Counter Strike, for those who don't know.


I searched for a suitable pool around the map but couldn't find one that had enough free space around it. Also you can't spawn weapons in water so I had to skip that part unfortunately.


Please take a look and try the map with your friends and tell me what you think. Also if you have any tips on how to improve it.


Here is the map http://rsg.ms/1crnQqO

All you have to do is press "add to game" on the low left and restart GTA Online for it to work.


Thanks! :r*:

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I know it's not quite the weekend yet, but still time for a nice relaxing Sunday drive







A fun race good for any type of car. No fancy track, just running the roads for a nice cruise in the countryside. Don't enjoy the scenery too much, wouldn't want to get passed by grandma would you.....


Plenty of other great races available, please try them out....


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Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bGQDaB

Description: Midcity Madness tries to bring nostalgia to PC Gamers of the 1990's, it is three lap race with Traffic turned on as default and the players must weave their way to the end of the race.


My personal record is 5m53s on three laps with traffic.







Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1coqkpR

Description: Lightspeed City Tours is full blooded Point-To-Point, 68 Checkpoint race with Pro-Racer level players in mind. You start near the docks and immediately make your way in to the heart of Los Santos, under the hospital, up towards Vinewood and a mad fast dash all the way to ghettos for a dangerous finish photoshoot.


At the time of posting this LSCT has a 100% 'Like' record, unfortunately only 10 people have voted out of 12 racers.


My personal record is 5m34s in the Entity XF.



Edited by ProjectVRD

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Has anyone made a sky fist fight similar to the one on xbox which is called " sky high fight" please pm me id love to play it and id get my friends to boost the ratings for u :) ON PS3 btw

Edited by Gotthejuice187

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I had to try it. A 16 player police chase through the airbase and into the wilderness...




Police Chase (Race) 1-16 players.

Provoke the law by trespassing on the airbase and escape with a hefty wanted level.



Crawler's Clutch seemed pretty popular from a sandbox point of view (not a serious, competitive race). So here's the sequel, Chainski Trial is harder than it's predecessor in some places, so chose your path carefully (Damn, i love making challenging races).




Rock Crawl (Race) 1-16 players.

Crawl your Sandking across San Andreas's most unforgiving rock faces from San Chainski to Mt Gordo.

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Hello! I've created a fun double-feature of "GTA Point-To-Point Races" entitled, "Death Jump" and "Death Jump Redux".


They are both land races that take you up a treacherous path up Mount Chiliad, where you ultimately reach a series of MASSIVE jumps that send you tumbling down the mountainside at incredible speeds.


Here are the details:


#1) "Death Jump" - Point-to-Point GTA race on Mt. Chiliad!




Add to Game link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/RBWH3UyOWE6kko7Ws4kJDQ?platformId=2


Make sure you set it to "GTA" race to get the SPEED BOOSTS at the top!


Here's the redux; a faster, more adrenaline inducing version of the original:


#2) "Death Jump Redux" - Start on the other side of the mountain and finish on an even BIGGER and MORE OUTRAGEOUS stunt jump! Will you survive?




Add to Game Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/O49TEkLC-E6VFTpVIidmCQ?platformId=2


This video contains clips from "Death Jump Redux"




Edited by Loftonian

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Game mode: land lap race


"Too damn long race": http://rsg.ms/KqrE5v


Description: Located in northern LS. 8min laps ( 8 player race pays winner 17k). Has some alternative routes and also some big jumps and traps.


Game mode: land lap race


"City mayhem": http://rsg.ms/KqpRgG


Description: Double figure of 8 track near the casino with jumps and big crashes.


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Not sure if someone made something like this yet but:

"Metro Madness"



The LS metro is not particularly known for its usefulness. So come battle it out in the repurposed station!

Edited by magicalgin

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Title: Heels to the metal

Type: Point 2 point

Players: 1-12


Oh no, alarm did not go off! No time for a shower, drop the kids of at mother-in-law, you got to get to work. Last one there pays for lunch!






Title: Grand Senora Drive

Type: Lap race

Players: 1-16


On and offroad race around the Grand Senora Airfield



Edited by Hurri_Household

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Endure the Snake

Created by Buppy64 with help from me


Platform: PS3


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/bfuNZT6eb06J93l-gKGV9w?platformId=2




This map is Intended to be an Off Road race or a test of endurance, you must pick your spots to make a pass

We tried to create a good off road type race using the existing trail on the map


Vehicle allowed .....By default its Off Road, but you can choose any type you wish


Only me and a few friends have run it .........

Give it a try






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No more tracks. no more death-defying jumps, I just want to go for a




http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/reefer73/games/gtav/playlists/playlist/MOqhPmemjUyRJm3BkCOnBQ Link for playlist


A 2 part 13.5 mile point to point cruise through the hills and valleys of northern Los Santos County. Fun race good for any type of car, driving mainly country roads just like you're out following the bumper on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Traffic is default off, however, turn it out on for that "authentic" feel, complete with old lady's who can't see over the steering wheel doing 20 yelling "Where's The Beef?!?"


Individual links:










Complete Playlist - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/playlists/playlist/MOqhPmemjUyRJm3BkCOnBQ


Lost of other great races including Grand Prix style tracks and the ever popular Dr. Feelgood series available as well, please enjoy - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/reefer73/games/gtav/jobs

Edited by Sens420
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My latest addition to races:


A dirt road race strictly for Sultans, gives you a little bit of a WRC feeling.





Link: http://rsg.ms/KrKcSM


Please enjoy and rate!

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