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Share Your Playstation Creations


Recommended Posts

Hello all. Here's a few of my creations that iv'e made purely for fun.


Battle Royale - http://rsg.ms/1c5Jssz

4-12 player free for all, everyone spawns in a smallish circled area and melee weapons spawn in the middle. Proceed to batter each other to death.


Grenade Tennis - http://rsg.ms/1cqbmpq

Play tennis with Grenades!. Sadly you can't actually play tennis with them but blowing up the opposite team is more fun ;) 2-8 player 2 team deathmatch


Kamikaze Cycling - http://rsg.ms/1c5JMrw

Race down a treachourous path littered with trick jumps and unhelpful objects. Not for those that don't like to crash die.


I am always trying to think of fun ideas for creations. Any feedback on how to improve my creations in any way is welcome.


Thank you.

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So i have made a couple of race wich are for speed,
No Jumps, only highway, awesome for slipstreaming.
they are also fitted for Gta with powerups.

and they are all for 1-16 players.


First 3 Are Point to Point,

Catching A Plane: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/xy6gpp8ch0aofA3AOptNsA?platformId=2

A Highway Treat:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/1KNdd7bpPUS-rNPWKvIS9A?platformId=2

Extended Commute:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/64gK_ny5iEeaXcplwljD3w?platformId=2

And 2 Laps Race's

Down The Town:http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/wxV7CO-tgEu7oEfxMn0gBw?platformId=2




More Will come soon,
Add me on PS3 (BluntlessNL) if you want to race sometimes.
Or Rockstar Social Club (RandyrNL) for feedback.

Edited by JointlessNL
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Dry Docked. Merryweather has hired you to patrol the docks after a spate of recent criminal activity. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, you'll have to make your rounds by motorcycle. Don't get sunk by the many hazards in your path.




Please provide feedback. You might need a couple runs to get the hang of it. Thanks.


Also new, we have Motorbike Bandits: Fun, high-speed race that retraces much of Frank's and Michael's route during the Vangelico heist.



Edited by CreatorGuru
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Hi players, i only create race with unexpected things : eg 2 ramps, one of them is key to 1st place. do play my race, and please rate it. dislike if any thing needs to be changed.


EDIT here's a larger image :


nothing down here, thank you :)

Edited by Dann_47
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Why should you check out my creations?

Because creators will put as much effort into their Posts

as their Death Matches/Races. I guarantee you to like these.



I will be adding more.



DeathMatch: Camp Chilliad

TDM or DM in a camp located on Chilliad mid-mountain.

Micro-Uzi's Only.

4v4 Or Less


You thought you were safe at camp? Untill Rednecksplan

a mass murder and the first place the're hitting is Camp Chilliad.







DeathMatch: War Reenactment


War Reenactment where else better than the golf course.

Long stretched battlefield with Tanks, Jeeps, Four Wheelers,

helicopters, and plenty of Cover. There is and RPG in the middle of

the map. Get to it first and you may be the only team with a Tank

and/or Helicopter.










DeathMatch : Old Shipping Yard


TDM or DM in an Old Shipment Yard that's beginning to see its days.

Small Close Quarters and guaranteed to always be a firefight.

All though small there is plenty of cover to hide behind and easy

ways to get around your Opponent, or clime atop the containers to

make sure he dosent see what hits him. With only one health spawn.

Hold this are down for good control.


Spawns: 11

Vehicles: 0

Objects Used: 50/50


Please click like if you would like to see more Death Matches like this one.







RACE: Rally Round the Mountain


Rally Race around an eastern mountiain which goes through The Land Act Damn/Reservoir.

Near the end of your lap you will be ripping through some mud so make sure you dont bring a sports car.


Recommended Vehicles:


Futo (Rally Setup)


BF Injection









DeathMatch: Humane Labs and research

Humane Security Vs FIB

FIB found out about the illegal act going on

inside Humane Labs underground Layers.

Fib get in there and shut down their operations

at all costs.







Pretty cool as I was thinking of making one like this but from sandy shore airfield to the international airport! 2 jets 2 tanks 2 cargobobs 2 buzzards 2 helis with no mini map with peds so players can blend in with peds











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Further tweaked after about 50 more runs through by others. I constantly follow people through the map, note where they are having issues and try to fix.

About the 8th incarnation, new title, new description and I think it's finally done. Lots of love put into this one.



Run Rabbit Run

Point-to-Point Race (land vehicles)
Sometimes to avoid the police you just need some speed and some tight manuevering. Race from freeway to freeway in this high speed technical run around eastern Los Santos's freeways. Pay close attention as there are some hairpin u-turns and the need to cross thru and drive along with some oncoming traffic.
4:30 - 5:30 minutes
Train crossing at end of race makes it interesting when train passing by. Hit jump at last checkpoint to launch over some tanker trailers. With [6] racers, winner gets around $12K.
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Banner Grand Prix



Sponsored by the Banner Hotel and Spa, this is a two mile Grand Prix street lap for sport and super class cars.




I've worked really hard developing this track. I've tried to set it out with the feel of a real Grand Prix street circuit with directional barriers, lots of good corners including hairpin and a tight chicane. I've also worked hard with checkpoint layout ensuring they help the driver navigate the track aswell as pointing to the best driving line. I hope some of you will give it a run through...let me know what you think.





My other created content:-





The Chase



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"Street" Races


Drag Kings II http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/YKYJUcCU7U63IK0SH0CVMA?platformId=2 Description

The classic Liberty City course adapted and reinvigorated in Northern San Andreas. Race in opposite directions up and down Route 1, through Braddock Pass. Turnaround at Don's Country Store and use East Union Rd to reverse direction again. All classes.



Members Only






The sign says you got to have a membership card to get inside...Huah! Then just do laps at high speeds around their prissy little club. Meanwhile, you might see your friendly Mors Insurance agent catching an early bus on his last day...seeing as how the CEO is watching you haul balls past the building. Short laps for cars and motorcycles.



Southeastern Circuit








Fast laps start on East Dutch London Street at the Autopia Bridge. Bend around East LS, then shoot back through South Central. Any street class can run here but motorcycles are recommended.



Mirror Grand Prix




This short lap race is a surprising challenge. Run a clockwise loop around Mirror Park and be wary of your enemies. There is a shortcut to the finish that cuts through the actual park. It's a tight fit so know the dimensions of your vehicle. All street classes.



Chicken Joust





The Chicken Joust was formed by several LS crime syndicates to rectify in-house and rival crew disputes. This was in an effort to minimize dissention within the respective crews' ranks while still allowing chaos and bloodshed to squash beefs.



And many more! Please try theses courses out and bookmark them. All of my courses are solid. There isn't a bunch of crap in the middle of the road and a bunch of janky checkpoints to have to turn around and pick up.


I am also interested in meeting up with some fellow, "pro" race creators. Hit me up. Thanks guys.

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Hi I'm brand new but I've created a couple of races and want to share them on here. Please try them out. Any input would be appreciated.



The first one is on dirt roads beside the Alamo sea.




The second is on dirt and tarmac roads plus open hillside, down hill canyon and river crossing and river jump.




Both take slightly over 4 mins, so they give decent cash/RP and can be done in most vehicles.



Edited by Mar7in
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Sorry to make you wait so long, but finally Dr Feelgood is back to bring you his next adventure....






Good Luck, you're going to need it to win this difficult mission style race through the mountains south and west of Mt Chiliad as you deliver the finest weed in San Andreas to the nutjobs at the Altruist's Camp. BEWARE THE CLIFFS!!!! You have been warned....


As you wait for part 3 of the Dr Feelgood Chronicles, feel free to remember the thrills of episode 1,





If F1 grand prix stlye street racing is more your thing, the different Grand Prix tracks may be more for you.....








0AKxgLL.jpg IVhvh6l.jpg



Coming soon, The South Los Santos Grand Prix, where the cars are worth more than the homes......

Edited by Sens420
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Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/SplitSides/games/gtav/jobs



Meet at the Pipeline Inn (PTP)

Pipeline to Pearls (PTP)

Glory Holes (Lap)


Created by: Dade1982 (PSN) / SplitSides (SC)




Meet at the Pipeline Inn (Most Popular)

Designed with Super Cars in Mind, about a 2.5-3.0 minute Race from Vinewood Mall to the Pipeline Inn.

Not too long, Not too short, long straights, tight turns, drift turns, 2 huge jumps, obstacles. Everything a good race should have.


Pipeline to Pearls (Work in Progress)

Designed with Super Cars in Mind, about a 2.5 minute Race from the Pipeline Inn to Pearls Seafood Restaurant on the Pier.

2 big jumps and a romp through Vinewood Studios


Glory Holes

Designed specifically for Blazers (ATV), but works well with Bifta, Injection, Sand Rail vehicles.

2 Lap race around Los Santos Golf Club. Will be better if they can fix the bug that causes motorcycles (specifically Sanchez) from crashing on large ramps.


I appreciate everyone who checks it out, gives it a play and enjoys it. Constructive Criticism welcomed.

Edited by SplitSides
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(Click on Thumbnail For Link)


Highway Frenzy



We're gonna hit it big. A good gang needs weapons, and we just hit the motherload. A bus on the Del Perro Freeway was smuggling weapons out of los santos and it just so happened to have crashed. It's guts poured out like a pinata. Military weapons all over the highway, up for grabs. Auto Pistols, Assault Shotguns, Grenades, even some other heavy duty stuff. Go and grab them before anyone else can.


  • Spawn around a wreckage with tons of cover, compete with others to get to the center to get the best weapons.
  • Start out unarmed, and fight for Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine guns, up to RPGs and Miniguns (If higher ranks are in the lobby)
  • Watch for speeding traffic.
  • Deathmatches that requires you to be quick and stealthy.
  • The less players there are, the more you have to rely on stealth and cover tactics.
  • Chaotic 16 player death matches.
  • Team Deathmatch also available
  • Vehicles explode, and disperses them around. This allows dynamic covers and a changing map. Every game will not end or play the same.




This is like a hotwheels track with missiles. Race in a cloverfield, and use boosts and rockets to defeat your opponents. Many opportunities to shoot down first place, no matter what place your in, always an opportunity to win, Watch out at the intersection, dodge the tram, pursuing police officers, missiles and other racers. Things are about to get messy.

  • 2 intersecting 2-way sections
  • Power Ups located to provide boosts on long straights.
  • Aim for the repair power up at the intersection, but watch out for other racers.
  • Maximize your skills in using the rockets, multiple opportunities to shoot at other rivals.
Edited by rean2
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I'm loving your creations people keep it up and this game can be played for a long time.


My latest off road P2P as I said in the description if you hit the down side right you'll rip off your fenders and it's funny chasing them.


1 to 8
P2P off road up a mud creek and then chase your car parts down hill
Mount Chiliad
Edited by Juanfartez
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Just joined, and as my first post I want to share some of my creations. Please try these races and provide your feedback! I'd love to hear what you think (good or bad)

Name: No Chance Canyon

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race

Description: Think you have a chance? Think again! This hill climb is not for the faint of heart. And yes, it's possible...just pick the line that works for you (hint: try super class if offroad isn't working out).

Name: Chiliad Ridgeline Run 1

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race (allows for GTA style race)

Description: Off-roaders! Race up the ridgeline on the north side of Mount Chiliad. Medium to hard difficulty.

Name: Chiliad Ridgeline Run 2

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race (allows for GTA style race)

Description: Off-roaders! Race up the ridgeline on the north side of Mount Chiliad. Extremely challenging, but fun as heck!

Name: Senora Freeway Mayhem

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race (allows for GTA style race)

Description: Race point-to-point up the Senora Freeway, but watch out for wreckage and jumps over buses, signs and overpasses (with bypasses for those who lack the speed or the guts).

Name: The A'Maze'ing Race

Game Mode: Land Lap Race (or Point to Point with 1 lap - allows for GTA style race)

Description: This race starts on Dutch London St near the marina, cuts behind Maze Arena, and then heads back towards downtown. Includes a few unexpected obstacles and tight turns.

Name: San Chianski Baja Bomb

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race

Description: Off-roaders! Run the San Chianski Mountain ridge line, and then take a dive over the edge with a sprint to the finish. Easy difficulty.

Name: Union Grain Short Track

Game Mode: Land Lap Race (or Point to Point with 1 lap - allows for GTA style race)

Description: A quick, short track starting at Union Grain Supply, with plenty of twists and turns.

Name: Dock's End

Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race (allows for GTA style race)

Description: Short race at the docks.

Name: Senora Raceway

Game Mode: Land Lap Race (or Point to Point with 1 lap)

Description: Winding road course starts at Senora Road and heads through the hills of Great Chaparral.

Edited by theoutdoors
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This is my First real attempt at creating a race.


I was going for a similar feel to Downtown Underground......Not sure I have achieved it though.


I'll be glad of feedback


Mirror Madness

Game Mode - Race (Standard)

Link - http://rsg.ms/1cTShMx

Description - Lap race in Mirror Park with crossover junctions. Mind other racers....they may be on a different part of the lap but you may be at the same junction.

Edited by Jags666
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I have been working on my races since the day the content creator came out. I've lost a lot of "plays" applying small QA tweaks and making sure markers and checkpoints provide the best information. Imperial Rally 1 is probably my best / most thoroughly tested and edited race. If you play one, play 1.


Game Mode: Race
Link: Imperial Rally 1
Dirt road for sports cars. Multiple switchbacks and technical corners - use your breaks. Inspired by classics like Top Gear Rally. Remeber always race clean!






Game Mode: Race

Link: Imperial Rally 2


Dirt road race for sports cars. Remember always race clean!


Game Mode: Race

Link: Imperial Rally 3


Dirt road race for sports cars. Point-to-point race around Sandy Shores. Remember always race clean!


Game Mode: Race

Link: Imperial Rally 4


*Warning* Extremely challenging. Dirt road race for sports cars. Remember always race clean!


Game Mode: Race

Link: Imperial Rally 0


Dirt road race for sports cars. Laps around the industrial complex. Inspired by classics like Top Gear Rally. Always race clean!



Game Mode: Race Playlist

Link: Imperial Rally


Dirt road race playlist for sports cars. Four interlinked rally races which should take about 20 minutes. Imperial Rally 4 is an extremely challenging ascent over Mt Chiliad.

Edited by lordemperor
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Console PS3

Type Team Deathmatch

Description Full on team death match with NO jets NO tanks just guns in an excellent location


Currently has 800+ plays and 86% rating Terrys Hang Out


Seriously think this is one of the best deathmatches out there give it a go

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I made a death match where green has taken back grove street. This death match is best with two teams and has placed guns so everyone starts equal. Free aim is the best option obviously.

I tried to stay true to GTA San Andreas by placing similar cars in certain locations and strategically placed vehicles and objects to make an even playing field.

All spawn points are well thought out and so are the weapon spawns. Please people, try this out and give me feedback.

I've had quite a few one on one death matches and one or two team deathmatches and everyone who played has loved it. The problem is that it's hard to get people to try new things.\\\


Edited by almico
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This one is set in the tributary at the bottom of the Land Act Dam/Reservoir. The map is split into two parts. Half the teams are on the top road where snipers overlook the "deal". And then you have the main valley where the "deal" is mean't to take place with the other half of the teams. Whilst there's plenty of ammo in the valley you have to look out above for snipers, who have the advantage.





2-16 players. 2 Teams only.


Two organisations plan to steal from each other. The story unfolds...






This Deathmatch takes place in the Vinewood Bowl. Fight to take center stage, but be aware of your surroundings, there's plenty of open space for cannon fodder.





2-16 players. Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch.


This is the main event. Battle it out as a team or as a one man band. Get ready for an explosive performance!






All guns blazing, heavy weapon shootout on the Raton Creek train bridge!




TDM - 2-16 players.


Raton Creek Train Track. Two Teams. And a whole lot of fire power. Trains are the least of your worries... ...or are they?

Edited by DuPz0r
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Road Rash 2.0 http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/x_-_Robski_-_x/games/gtav/jobs/job/riO36oiDkU-dBP5kU4K-IQ?platformId=2



Ride it like you stole it. Stick to the tarmac and avoid the traffic. A 2 lap motorcycle race on the twisty back roads of Blaine County.



I was having a burn up on my bike round these back roads and had a real Road Rash flashback. Didn't take long to put the race together, it's fast and it's fun. I hope you enjoy it too. This is for PS3.

Edited by x_-_Robski_-_x
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If you have seen this http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52015/gta-online-playercreated-jobs-making-noise.html, you will love this!

Impossible Dam





1 to 12


A true test of nerves.

Use your bike and try to get across the dam.

Fail once and you will return to the start.

Extreme endurance.

Can you survive?

Controller refunds are not accepted, sorry.




I recommend you try it with Sanchez, and set to 1 laps, maximum 2.

You can get up to 6-7k RP for finishing first in a 1 lap race.




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Chilliad Downhill


Game type: Race /(GTA Race)


Link: http://rsg.ms/1cZ58x8





Downhill and uphill dirtbike race along the Mt. Chilliad cliffs. Putting your driving skills to the test!


Raton Canyon, Cassidy Creek, Alamo Sea, Mount Chiliad

It's my first creation so any comments & feedback are very welcome!

Edited by jogostepz
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