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Share Your Playstation Creations


Recommended Posts

I thought i'd try something different and it worked out good! This is a Rock Crawl across the Tongva Hills. This game isn't really about speed, but you will need to think quick to stay ahead if you want to win. Some of the climbs are challenging, and require some thought as to where you should drive to get to the next checkpoint.


Overall it's really fun, and that's the main thing.





Off Road 1-16 players.

Rock crawling on San Andreas's wild terrain. The aim is slow and steady, not pedal to the metal.

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Off-Road City-Slickin


Gamemode: Race (up to 8 players)


Description: Not for the inexperienced driver, this race requires more precision driving and timing rather than just speed. Hard track at first but is very fun with some unique jumps. Made in the image of the classic Beetle Bug Adventure Racing. This race requires patience and waiting for the right moments to make passes, as it has alot of tightly packed areas. If youre out for speed only this track isnt for you. My advice....it may be offoad but some "offroad" vehicles just dont cut it for this challenging race. Please check it out!


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/Reichlyn1/games/gtav/jobs/job/g7h5d8YxTku7yAmBHaKsTA

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Mors Mutual 500

PS3 race

Land lap race through scenic Vinewood's most treacherous curves, a sufficating trip next to Vinewood Lake, AND an offroad section. Expect to file health insurance claims on yourself and damage claims on your vehicle. If you finish the race, of course! GOOD LUCK!


Truly NOT for the faint of heart, non-attentive, prissy about the condition of their cars, speed freaks, and those looking for clean laps. You WILL go into a wall, several times, in fact. Single lap time should be 5 minutes.



Edited by DannyJayMMM
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I only Create races Made 9 so far:


Zigzag your way through the other racers. Tricky laprace near the LifeInvader offices.
1-8 Players

Ready For?!

Ready for.... Are you ready for a crazy laprace near the airport?
1-8 Players

Hairpin-turn laprace, off- and onroad sections. UPDATED: Now suitable up to 14 players!
1-14 Players

Containers and crossing racers gauranteed! Docktease laprace by the docks.
1-16 Players

Hipster of the Hills. Do you have what it takes, to tame this Hipster of a Hill?! Hillster Laprace . "I was a hill before it was cool." - The Hill
1-16 Players

Pisswasser City Racing Events:

Pisswasser City Race
Pisswasser City Racing. Now in Los Santos. Can you handle your car through this Streetcircuit?
1-16 Players

Pisswasser City Race II
The Pisswasser City Race is back in Los Santos, and features a whole new track! The fast cars will be everything Los Santos is talking about.
1-16 Players

Pisswasser City Race III
The Pisswasser City Race is once again back in Los Santos! Introducing a new track. Fast cars and Burning rubber!
1-16 Players

Pisswasser City Race IV
The racefreaks of Los Santos are honored to present you, the all new Piswasser CIty Racing Event! This time away from LS Downtown, packed with speed and a sharpturn. Show that you trust your car to the fullest in this fast laprace!
1-16 Players

Edited by P.im
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Presenting the second of my F1 grand prix series tracks, the very challenging


Vespucci Beach Grand Prix http://rsg.ms/18FmT3k



Am almost too fast race through the wide array of streets found in Vespucci Beach. Do you think you have what it takes to tame this track? Or will your brakes fail at just the wrong time......


Comments appreciated and please try my other races as well


Grand Prix du Vinewood http://rsg.ms/1c01i6e



Dr. Feelgood 1 - Prison http://rsg.ms/1c5OoDY


Majestic Rockford Tour http://rsg.ms/1bUXjrC


Edited by Sens420
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This TDM takes place in the grounds of Parsons Rehabilitation Center in Richman Glen, Vinewood Hills.




TDM 2-16 players.

Two infamous mafia organisations have bad blood, and they will stop at nothing for revenge. An attempted gang assassination at Parsons Rehabilitation Center triggers a full blown shootout.

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Here's my contribution.




Stunt City Tour Part One

Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c0DgSL




Description: A friend's stunt jump race for cars that includes 6 of the map's original stunt jumps plus a few extra jumps thrown in for good measure. A good bit of work went into this one and the jumps are quite well-tested.





The Deal

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cyLzeG




Description: Designed to start as a close-range pistol fight that quickly develops into a fire fight using a variety of weapons with a couple of bonus spawn points in there. Weapons should be set to forced and pick ups for this one to work properly.




Majestic Scrap

Game Mode: Deathmatch

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c0BEZ5




Description: A fun deathmatch that involves a lot of bonus spawns and a variety of things to do. If you get killed a bit, you'll probably end up spawning somewhere interesting with a powerful weapon to help you get some revenge. I've been testing and fiddling with this one for a while and I think it's pretty well balanced. Again, weapons should be set to forced and pick ups for this.

Edited by johnwontscore
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Third in the grand prix street track series,


Rockford Hills Grand Prix http://rsg.ms/1cpqraH




Lots of speed in this one with long straight-aways, The chrome Adders will love this one for a change. Still tricky cornering in places with the fastest hairpin so far, but this race is meant for the lead foots. Enjoy.


Don't forget the rest of my races as well......


Edited by Sens420
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Here's my collection of interior deathmatches. May as well, before they patch them up, that's the way i see it!




DM: 2-16 players.

Fight to escape the lab. You can't take any more of those experiments!





DM: 2-8 players.

The aftermath of an attempted office abduction.




DM: 2-14 players.

Fight amongst the destruction inside the FIB building.





DM: 2-4 players.

The LSPD has been taken over by a gang feud.





DM: 2 players.

Smoke a pipe, break some glass. All hell breaks loose between two Meth heads.

Edited by DuPz0r
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Heyho, if anyone fancies giving my race a go, I'd be interested to know what people think. It's a fairly simply affair. It's basically a distorted figure 8 track around Paleto Bay with an intersection where the track cuts across itself, where there are a shedload of buses to jump using the ramps provided. The idea is if there are people lagging behind there might well be a mid air collision as racers jump across the buses in different directions.



Edited by CaptainSpaceCat
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I thought i'd try something different and it worked out good! This is a Rock Crawl across the Tongva Hills. This game isn't really about speed, but you will need to think quick to stay ahead if you want to win. Some of the climbs are challenging, and require some thought as to where you should drive to get to the next checkpoint.


Overall it's really fun, and that's the main thing.





Off Road 1-16 players.

Rock crawling on San Andreas's wild terrain. The aim is slow and steady, not pedal to the metal.



I was just thinking of making a track with the intent of rock crawling. Def. giving this one a try. Will leave feedback on SC.

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Created races.



Rat Race!

It's a race. It's a race. It's a rat race!


Fun ride with motorcycles and a few ramps! WARNING! The large ramps are still bugged, try to avoid them for the moment!





Tricky Ending.


Don't be an ass, hit the gass!


A fun lap race with a few ramps. Choose any kind of vehicle. And like the title says.. the ending can and will be a bit tricky.




Into The Wild.


Not for sissy's. Get your Sanchez or cycle and race through the tunnel and up and down the dangerous mountain track. Be careful on your way down, you don't want to end up flying down the mountain insted of racing down!





D-Town Crazy Ride


Hey you! Yes, you! Wanna race?

Point to point bike race. There is one big ramp that is bugged, avoid it!




Where Does It End? ( My Personal favorite race)


Get in your sports car and race across Los Santos to the Sandy Shores. Enjoy the view but watch out for the crazy ramps! WARNING! The highway in the beginning can be dangerous!

Jump over containers, ramps and even a bridge.


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Game Mode: Deathmatch





ULSA Wiki:



"Shooting on the ULSA campus! No assault weapons needed for this rampage..."


1-12 players


15 minute time limit


35 kill goal





Combat Pistol


Baseball bat



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Mission: News Team Assemble

Type: Team Deathmatch

Players: 2 to 16

Info: One Rule, No touching of the hair or face. And thats it!


Based very loosely on the epic anchorman brawls. Works best in teams of 4, lots of melee weapons, molotov's and a grenade. Unfortunately no tridents.



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Game mode: Team Deathmatch




Description: Ever felt like just shooting people right in the face on top of Mount Chilliad!?Well now you can with this Deathmatch! You decide, do you want to shoot your opponent to death or just push them down the mountain? It's your choice!

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Name: Heist Escape

Game Mode: Point-to-Point Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cb0b3N

Description: Relive the escape from the first Heist!


A race that follows the escape route from the first heist as closely as I could. Feedback appreciated because it's my first race :)

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If you love a GTA race through narrow alleys, jumps and tricky points, this is your race:




It´s better with many people, chances of getting stuck are high ( better respawn) and be careful when jumping, don´t jump too far :blink: or you will end on a rooftop.


I´d appreciate your feedback, I´m adding your creations and will give them a try.


Edit: I have done Crawler´s clutch and it´s insane!!!!!! 19 minutes to finish the race! It´s original but very tricky.

Los Santos Mad Dash: The jumps are really good! I enjoyed it.


Merry Christmas.

Edited by mazingerZ201340
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Wassup beautiful people of GTA Forums. I've created some Deathmatches that I'd love to hear your honest feedback on.


I'm really pleased with the Creator (BETA) that Rockstar has put out and it's a really great first step. I want to become one of the greats in Deathmatch publishing.


Look out for more publications from me and stay in the loop :p


LeAristocrat Rockstar Studio



One of the key points I keep tabs on are the spawns, weapons, and playability so I would love to hear your input on how those affected you, if they were okay, great, etc.


Anything else you would like to share I'd love to hear as well!


Feel free to add me in the game (LeAristocrat). Thanks a lot.







Link: Castle Cove

Description: Welcome to the cove! It's not officially open yet but that doesn't stop the hipsters and hot women from hangin' out here. A small scuffle has escalated over some weed, take out the other team to teach them a lesson.





Link: Car Show Shootout

Description: Things at the annual Los Santos Customs car show gets a little heated after one team gets scored second place.





Link: Crocodile Meth

Description: Intel has confirmed that a dangerous gang is running meth out of the Zancudos Marshes. Go in and take them down. Targets are armed and dangerous. You are authorized to use lethal force.



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