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Share Your Playstation Creations


Recommended Posts

This will be an official thread for anyone wishing to share their creations here. This is only for Playstation 3.


Please use the below format.



Game Mode:




Please use the format, this will be easier for members to select a mission that better suits them.

Edited by Andreas
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I won't use the "format" because, all links are in my signature ^^

Normal races / deathmatch
and special activities

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"Peak Performance II" - Cycle Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bz9bJI

"Cycle down this offroad path all the way to Grapeseed and expect to get some air on the way."


"Peak Performance III" - Cycle Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1c1f7l4

"Twisty offroad track down Mount Gordo, watch out for those tight corners!"


"The Stretch" - Land Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJaG8m

"Do you have what it takes to complete this challenging tour of San Andreas? Endurance and skill plays a big part in this."


"Out From The Dust" - Dirtbike Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJaMN9

"Make your way out of El Burro Heights, through the dirt paths and into the wild."


"Watch The Bump" - Offroad Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1c1fcVT

"Enjoy this tour of the Vinewood Hills, cruising through a not-so legal scenic route. It may get bumpy!"


"Round The Back" - Cycle Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJb6eK

"Race through Los Santos in this back alley track for bicycles."


"Final Destination" - Air Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJbf1Q

"Time to put your flying skills in action. Watch out for the bridges!"


"Fort Loop" - Bike Race

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJbp9B

"Speed through the side of Fort Zancudo in this long but tight loop."


"Stay Frosty!" - Deathmatch

LINK: http://rsg.ms/1bJbx8S

"Battle it out around the Fridgit cold storage factory."


More to come... :D

Edited by TonyResta
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Sewer Slam

Game Mode: Race - GTA race

Link: Sewer Slam

Description: Underground laps through the sewer on motorbikes or small offroads. Plenty of rockets for that extra mayhem If u choose a GTA style race.

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TITLE : [PS3] Content Creator: Share Creations


Come on now this is simple reading.

Lap race using a freeway. I don't know the names if places sorry. But I think you will enjoy this race.

Xbox 360


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any reason the previous incarnation of this thread, created by Deffpony was locked?? I was following that optic only for it to stop kinda abruptly




Nearly impossible to keep up, we can't have our own topics regarding content, Forum Leader creates one, then it gets locked after 20 pages and replaced?? Confuzzled :panic:

Edited by mo-seph
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race, point to point, 1-4 players


created this downhill race yesterday, starting on top of mount chiliad and leading down the narrow roads on the west side of the mountain. 4 players max to avoid people getting pushed of the cliffs. (and because there was no room for a larger starting grid). this one is all about waiting for the right moments to overtake. be warned, those who don't use their brakes in races will fail miserably at this one. enjoy

it was a pain in the ass placing waypoints and objects on all these slopes :/

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Why should you check out my creations?

Because creators will put as much effort into their Posts
as their Death Matches/Races. I guarantee you to like these.

I will be adding more.

DeathMatch: Camp Chilliad

TDM or DM in a camp located on Chilliad mid-mountain.
Micro-Uzi's Only.
4v4 Or Less

You thought you were safe at camp? Untill Rednecksplan

a mass murder and the first place the're hitting is Camp Chilliad.


DeathMatch: War Reenactment

War Reenactment where else better than the golf course.
Long stretched battlefield with Tanks, Jeeps, Four Wheelers,
helicopters, and plenty of Cover. There is and RPG in the middle of
the map. Get to it first and you may be the only team with a Tank
and/or Helicopter.


DeathMatch :
Old Shipping Yard

TDM or DM in an Old Shipment Yard that's beginning to see its days.
Small Close Quarters and
guaranteed to always be a firefight.
All though small there is plenty of cover to hide behind and easy
ways to get around your Opponent, or clime atop the containers
make sure he dosent see what hits him. With only one health spawn.
Hold this are down for good control.

Spawns: 11
Vehicles: 0
Objects Used: 50/50

Please click like if you would like to see more Death Matches like this



RACE: Rally Round the Mountain

Rally Race around an eastern mountiain which goes through The Land Act Damn/Reservoir.
Near the end of your lap you will be ripping through some mud so make sure you dont bring a sports car.

Recommended Vehicles:
Futo (Rally Setup)
BF Injection


DeathMatch: Humane Labs and research

Humane Security Vs FIB
FIB found out about the illegal act going on
inside Humane Labs underground Layers.
Fib get in there and shut down their operations
at all costs.



Edited by Craztheking
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I acutally had the idea of seperating the two formats last night and was gonna post something but then forgot, I think I was distracted after finding the thread moved from the online section in the first place. I think it's a good idea but admin/mod, I think you should have posted your intention and new links at the bottom of the old thread before locking it just to help others understand.


Right, gonna paste my original post's for my 3 races(all ps3) so far below:-


My first race

A 2 minute lap using the difficult beach path with sportcars.

Checkpoint Challenge:-
GTA race



Not sure how this one will go down but, thought I'd publish it anyway. I had this idea from GTA4, there was a race mode(I forget the name) where you start on foot, try to find a car and reach the checkpoint before anyone else. Well, I couldn't find a way to start on foot so, created a point to point GTA race with the option of starting in compacts or cycles. There are only 8 checkpoints and you have to hunt them down yourself. I minimised the amount of rockets as if you get killed, you could start a mile or so back and that isn't really the idea.

As I say, not sure if this idea will work or not, it really needs plenty of players in game to make it work I think. I tested it just and got only 1 guy to join and once he got abit lost, he left lol. Ah well, it's out there if anyone wants to have a look.

The Chase

1970's chase scene inspired point to point race. Complete with back alleys, stunt jumps and breakables. Recommended vehicle Gauntlet/Dominator.



I've spent many hours on this over the past two days and hopefully you guys will give it a go. I just ran it with a few and every time someone new joined, they voted replay which is promising. It's a tricky lap because of the jumps etc. It reminds me of the original 'Stuntman game' on PSX(if any of you remember that) when trying to get all jumps looking good. You need to drive it rather than just full throttle everything for best results.


Edited by Mart1001
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Type: Race

Link: Criminal RRRecords



Love it or (usually) hate it Criminal Records is probably the simplest ex-grinders paradise that ever appeared in a racing game...

But with a few tweaks and an extra mile or four added to the mix, heres my take on Criminal RRRecords. Starting with that familiar circuit around the prison, ready yourself for a sharp left through the gates and an escape to freedom. Circle the Alamo Sea all the way to McKenzie Airfield.

I recommend the Following setup

Class: Sports, Off Road and/or Bikes
Time: Current
Weather: Current (who doesn't like the challenge of some rain)
Traffic: Off (although for a real challenge put it on and try to run clear through the offorad section)
Catch Up: Need i even say it jS6YY2bCBBxx3Qk7ceuc.png

Made my final tweaks to this track last night, added a couple of extra checkpoints, moved a couple of checkpoints, some props for guidance and adjusted the finish line after feedback from fellow RedRum Members. Hopefully i wont be getting any dislikes on it this time. If you've got any comments, feedback or suggestions for it please let me know, but give it a try and let me know what you think


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My newest creation, a difficult off-road mission based race. Be the first to get Dr Feelgood's prize bud to the prison and escape, all the while making sure Trevor Phillips doesn't spot you.....


Dr. Feelgood 1 - Prison http://rsg.ms/1c5OoDY


Mission style race. Can you get Dr Feelgood's weed to the prison? Just got a big order but stay off the main roads, you can't be seen! Stay offroad and use jumps to avoid the roads. Drop off at gate and run to the hideout for pay. Just don't get caught by Trevor Phillips or we're all dead. This is a little side biz TPI does not need to know about! If you suceed, I may call upon you again.....

As well, the ever popular Grand Prix du Vinewood http://rsg.ms/1c01i6e an F1 style track including high speeds and hard turns. If you drive a chrome adder, you likely won't do well in this race.


For the elite drivers of San Andreas comes The Grand Prix du Vinewood. Try your hand at this trecherous 2.3 mi circuit through the streets of Vinewood. Lots of speed and lots of turns; the brake is your friend.

And the original Majestic Rockford Tour http://rsg.ms/1bUXjrC

Tour the high-end shops of Los Santos including a jump through Rockford Plaza - meant for fun....and lots of speed.


From Majestic Apts along the main drag run her hard, just watch for the sharp turns. Take a jaunt through Rockford Plaza and view some of Los Santos' finer shops as you make your way back to your luxurious suite.

Hope you all enjoy. Any and all feedback appreciated as it's the only way to learn and make better races. Yes, more to come, including Chapter 2 of the Dr. Feelgood saga.

As well, looking for clean racers to add as friends. My psn is Sens420 Would like to find others who enjoy racing without the need to purposely take others out.

ps- how do you post an image? I'm older and don't know this stuff like i used to......

Edited by Sens420
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So confused with these threads. Hopefully this will be the final thread change unless you are going to split the deathmatches from the races.




Platform: PS3

Mission: Catfight

Type: Deathmatch

Players: 2 to 6

Info: Brawl inside the Vanilla Unicorn, no weapons, just fists, teeth and nails.




Social Club Link



It's a great job for building up your strength stat as well as unlocking all the melee awards on socialclub. Works better with at least 4 people. 6 is the maximum due to the amount of spawn points that can be placed inside such a small area.







Platform: PS3

Mission: The Bank Job

Type: Team Deathmatch

Players: 2 to 10

Info: Two teams. Bank Robbers Vs Bank Staff. Can the robbers pull off a successful heist? Can the staff hold off the robbers? It's not as simple as it looks, that glass is bulletproof!




Not just a straight forward deathmatch to start with. Use the tools available to flush out the staff or try find a way in behind them. Check all the rooms for added firepower.



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Races by OnlyForward_


I will be adding my content here as it is created. Starting with my first race, just completed after a couple of days work and tweaking/testing. Should be fun for all levels, although the last quarter of the track takes more skill.


Dirty Sanchez



Type: Off-road race designed for the Sanchez

Description: Are dirt bikes sexy? Of course they are! Then try a new pole position with the Dirty Sanchez, an off-road point to point with road sections, and some big airtime. Pace yourself on the last stretch, and you will penetrate your way to a wet finish.


Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/jobs/job/swoIfe3CxUO0RojqZKt4sw?platformId=2

A friend said that he thought this might be R* verifiable material, I'm not sure for a first try but see what you think.


More races to come soon, only released once tested by crew mates and tweaked for playability.

Edited by 1CrazyFool
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Beach Bonanza

Race around the Beach and show who the Maverick is! Stuntjumps Galore! Off-.road preferred.




Hillbilly Hulabaloo

Racing around Trev's territory again... with a Twist! Lots of Twists and Turns!




Rednekk Rampage

Race around Trevor's Territory. Straight Racing.





Freeway-Race with Lots of Stuntjumps!




ChickenRace Galore

Only the Brave will win in this Race, Race with your peers against incoming Traffic! Who Dares Wins!




Burnin' Rubber

Race with sharp turns and close quarters!






Madrazo's Revenge

Madrazo has sent a Team of Hired Hitmen to take care of Michael once and for all.

Little did he know that Lester tapped him, finding out when they would arrive.

Michael, resourceful as he is, hired a team of his own to plant a lil surprise...


Will Madrazos Hitsquad or Trevor and Michaels Handpicked Team prevail?




Subway Strikeforce

Sigma Syndicate's Strikeforce Cobra is attacking Omega Corps well-guarded Subway,

which also is one of their most valuable Bases of Operations.


Will this Subway be under control of Sigma or Omega?




Assault on Delta-Z

Sigma Syndicate-Forces have invaded one of Omega Corps Outposts, who will stand Victorious?





Two Tribes (Mutants and Humans) have a TurfWar over an Underground Tunnel.

Who will be able to claim it?





Two MegaCorporations have been at War for Years.

Both The Sigma Syndicate and The Omega Corporation want this valuable territory,

and there is only one way to settle it. BY FORCE.





Duke it out with Melee in the Parking lot! Melee only!




Gunfight at OK Corrall

Become as legendary as Wyatt Earp in this Historic Shootout!

Relive the Gunfight where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday (and the Earps) faced off against The Clantons!




Arena of Gladiators

Fight with your Blade in the Gladiators Arena!




Defence of The Antiriad (DOTA)

Sigma Syndicate is going for the Jugular, attacking Omega Corps most Ancient Outpost

also known as The Antiriad.

What will be the Outcome?



Edited by Pinnkiepie
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Type: Cycle Race

Name: Snake

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bCQWmJ


Description: This land race snakes through Sandy Shores and features more twists and turns than a sidewinder in the Grand Senora Desert.


Details: This is a short 1.2 mile race through Sandy Shores and it features numerous 90 degree turns. The default is with traffic which can lead to some distractions due to cars stopped at barricades. I'm at level 113 and this race rewards me with 1500 RP when I finish two laps around 2:20:00. If I wait to finish it in 4:00:00, I receive 3000 RP. There is a GTA mode as well.


If anyone could try this race and then provide some feedback (good, bad or both), I would appreciate it as I would like to make the race better and make my future races more enjoyable. I will gladly return the favor for anyone who wants feedback on their races.

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Name: Trevor's Record
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: Based on the all popular 'Criminal Records', race around the penitentiary, jump onto the highway and make a quick return.

Name: Greenwich Empire
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: A street race near the airport. A healthy mix of turns, straights and narrow roads make for some crashing if you don't watch out. Make sure you make the jump.

Name: Turned Records
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: An other spin-off of the all popular 'Criminal Records', race against the clock. Less crashing and easier turning than Criminal Records. (Yes I'm f*cking lazy).

Name: Beach Bifta
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: This Bifta only beach race. Race in straight lines on the beach, but beware of the pier! If you go too fast, you'll crash. Go at exactly the right speed and go under the pier cleanly and get rewarded with a jump giving you the edge over your opponents.

Name: The High Life
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: This race around Michael's neighborhood features everything: ups, down, straight and turns. Beware of the other players coming in head to head!


Name: Horse Power
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: A loop around the Horse Race track, only features motorcycles!

Name: Windy Hills
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: Race through Ron Alternates windfarm. Mostly dirt, and a small part on the road. InFamous: Second Son GOTY 2014!


Name: Locked Up
Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race
Description: Motor race inside the jail. Break out and reach Los Santos.

Name: Horse to Golf v1.01
Game Mode: Land Point to Point Race
Description: A race from the Horse Track to the Golf field. Lots of unnecessary turns through Vinewood. End with a stuntjump that you may fail.


Name: Around the Mirror
Game Mode: Land Lap Race
Description: A race in Mirror Park and East Vinewood. A lot of straights make for high speed.


Name: TPI Race

Game Mode: Land Lap Race

Description: Trevor's land race. From his trailer to his airfield and back!


Name: Eight Jumping

Game Mode: Land Lap Race

Description: A race in an '8' shape. Jump over opponents to make them piss themselves!

Edited by poklane
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Lap Race

Start off at the beach and race through Little Seoul, join the freeway for a sprint, then race back to the beach.

With Beach Seoul, I wanted to create something fast and technical. This is a long and fast track with 3 tricky bits. 1) Take a shortcut through a multistorey car park 2) Slam on the breaks after leaving the freeway 3) Anything but single file down the beach path is risky. Also watch out if you fall behind, the track overlaps for a short period.


Quarry Conundrum
Lap Race

Race around the quarry and exit onto the freeway. Multiple paths are acceptable.

I designed this track as every time I have been to the quarry I get lost, now I know it very well.
This track is designed for off road, but that's up to you. The smaller you are the better the chance.
Fight it out on cliff edges, there's no room for mistakes. If you feel there is no room for overtaking, there are points where the road splits and you can surprise the person in front.


The Long Way Around
Point to Point Race

Race from the pharmaceutical factory to the boat waiting in super quick time.

I designed this track for it's fast long straights on narrow roads. I've included some obstacles, so watch out for those road works and trucks backing out of side roads.


Escape from Paleto Bay
Point to Point Race

Race from the sheriffs office on a motor bike (Sanchez) and dodge the traffic (optional) of Paleto Bay. Use roads, building sites, train tracks, dirt tracks, the beach and forest tracks to escape to Mount Chiliad.

I designed this race mostly for the sake of no one ever goes to the top of the map. I wanted to reproduce something along the lines of 'Rambo: First Blood' opening scenes. I wanted it to be tricky, but still enjoyable.

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Bluff Diving


Point to point race starting and ending at the Kortz building taking in the rolling hills of Pacific Bluffs and Banham Canyon. Land race for cars and motorbikes.


Dock Ring


Unusally shaped track around the Terminal Docks. Lap race for motorbikes.

Edited by tootricky
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Game Mode: Team Deathmatch

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bZarGn

Description: The Top Fun missions as created by Rock Star are not Top Fun... But rather cheap hunter missions where the hunted has a target on their back (indicated on the radar) and the Hunters get fighter jets and remain off the Hunted player's radar.


My vision here is slightly stunted due to the decision by Rock Star to not allow us to add things to the airports (why? I don't know.. someone should tell me). Instead of using the two large airports I used Sandy Shores Airfield and the short strip in Grapeseed.


I made some improvements since my original post but I'm open to feedback (Please PM me or leave comments on the mission page).




I've changed the it around quite a bit. I now have 8 start points across Los Santos with one start point per team at each location. You can try to go after your opponent with a weapon pickup in the middle your spawn or take the jet. Whoever dies will respawn at the Sandy Shore Airfield. If you didn't take the jet, you better take it now to go get your next kill.


I still have to add more weapons. And for now, the sniper rifle I left on a rock turns into a pistol but I'll fix that with the next update.







NOTE: the start location of this mission is just outside my Apartment because that's how I roll... If you add this mission and then can't find it on your map, look here:


Edited by PaulDPearl
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Blood on the Highway

PS3 Deathmatch

2-16 Players

2 Teams

San Andreas / Braddock's Pass

"Boxed in by mountains, kill or be killed. Watch out for traffic or use it to your advantage."


AK forced weapon, max pickup spots along the road, plus sniper and grenade pickups. Hidden on the edges of the map are FIB vehicles, miniguns, and dozers. The high speed traffic in the test was crazy!



Cannonball Run

PS3 Point to point Race

1-8 Players, Muscle and Sport Classics

LS and Blaine Counties

"An endurance race across the map - watch out for detours. Can you reach the pier first?"


Just about all road types, pavement, dirt, straightaways and hard turns - with traffic! Takes about 10-15 minutes, so it is endurance based, and limited to muscle cars and sports classics to kind of even the field.

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The De Santa Residence


2 -8 Players


Michael's home seemed like a nice place for a deathmatch since its small & has a lot of great cover spots.

Edited by Target13Productions
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Description: One lap race around the docks. Watch out lots of hidden tight bends and make it rainy for a extra driffting exprerence. Recomended to use the Feltzer. Part 2 coming soon


Game Mode: RACE - [email protected]

Description: 2 lap race east of the Vinewood hills and around Mirror park. Be sure to go round the benches on checkpoint 26.


Game Mode: RACE - Brucey's Biker Bonus

Description: 3 lap race around the horse racing track. Includes a few ramps. The second ramp try using the Sanchez and compleating a 360 backflip.


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Game Mode: TDM - Airstrip Assault

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL2vIt

Description: based on attacking and defending the losts sandy shores airstrip.


Game Mode: TDM - Get To The Chopper


Description:Two teams fight on the rooftops for control of a helicopter that can possibly affect the outcome of the match to the team who claim it.... A team member is to seize the chopper and use it to fly to the sniper rifles on the brown building opposite to help their team by providing sniper support. Get to tha choppah !


Game Mode: TDM 3 Teams - Deal Breaker

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4QTX

Description: Multi Team Deathmatch - Word is a deal is going down at the warehouse at the docks between two gangs, a 3rd gang has plans to crash that deal.. get your gun at the ready because when the bullets start flying its every team for themselves...


Game Mode: TDM/DM - Bolingbroke Brawl

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL384Y

Description: Its kicking off in the prison get them shanks ready because we're goin straight at em!!


Game Mode: GTA Race - Freeway Chase

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL3AQy

Description: GTA Race around the Los Santos freeway, with weapons, rockets and traffic... oh and maybe cops... Expect chaos !


Game Mode: Race/point to point Lost Delivery

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL3PeG

Description: Using these sports cars you will be transporting Methylamine from our contact near LS International, its used to cook our Meth in the desert, drop off point is at the Lost MCs Los Santos clubhouse, the route is logged in your GPS, first person to arrive gets a pay rise, if you dont make it.. well we wont be hiring you again !


Game Mode: Race/point to point Lost Delivery II

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4dKb

Description: We hired you guys because we heard you were the best transporters, we have deliveries every sunday night from our contact at LS International, this time we need it moving out to our site near Blaine County, cargo is Methylamine our first team of drivers got it here safe, now you get it out of the city, the first person to the drop off gets a payrise! Now hit that blacktop!


Game Mode: Race/point to point Lost Delivery III

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4mx4

Description: Our Meth product is finished we just need a team of off road drivers to transport it to our airstrip and our Lost MC Blaine County clubhouse ready for distribution, we will get another team to deliver to our Los Santos Clubhouse, GPS has been updated for the route Terry wants you to take, you know the score.. 1st person to our trailer park hangout gets a payrise! Adios!


Game Mode: Race/point to point Lost Delivery IV

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4sF0

Description: Alright i got another team transporting our Meth out to Blaine County i need you guys to transport it to our Los Santos chapter clubhouse, a payrise for dude who gets there first ! watch those roads, Lets do this ! Lost MC


Game Mode: GTA Race - Death Race LS

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4DjD

Description: Its Death Race! Multiple laps around LS docks, keep an eye out for weapon pickups because this race isnt just about speed.... Ride or Die.


Game Mode: Race Point to point - Gone In 60 Seconds

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bL4VHi

Description: Am i an arsehole? do i look like an arsehole?? Get all my cars from that downtown parking garage to the docks sharpish!, n watch out for the pigs, by 10pm... the cars are on the boat or ya brothers in a coffin..... Race based on the film

Edited by LeeH1989
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I will be providing updates in this section when new tracks are available. These are straight forward races - no ramps or other artificial obstacles have been used in their creation...additionally, they have been heavily tested to ensure that the waypoints are well positioned, flow with the track and not cause confusion. Have fun! :)



Game Mode: Race - Los Santos City Ring

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bFo25l

Description: A tribute to the Nurburg-Ring done Los Santos style. Good for endurance racing with fast straights, technical corners and dual lanes becoming single lanes as you race around the outskirts of Los Santos City.


Approx 6 mins per lap in a sports car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - The Intersection

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c81wrX

Description: A dual figure of eight located in the north west of Los Santos city. Quick straights, a few technical corners and a tricky spot where dual lanes form a single lane on the main straight.


Approx 3:30 mins per lap in a sports car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Reservoir Rocks

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c81Qah

Description: Mostly offroad around the Los Santos reservoir first on the outer ring followed by the inner ring. Best to use motorcycles. A lap is long so ideal for endurance runs.


Approx 5 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Super Eight

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c9GOrT

Description: Figure of eight track where one lap is a normal circuit followed by an inverted circuit. Stay on your side of the road to avoid head on collisions. Technical and twisting track where acceleration is better than top speed.


Approx 1:40 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - The Crossroads

Link: http://rsg.ms/1cbpt1z

Description: A progressively dangerous race located in Sandy Shores. As the racing gets stretched then care must be taken on the various crossroads to avoid collision with fellow competitors. Best with motorcycles but watch out for tree stumps when cutting those corners!


Approx 2 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Freshly Squeezed

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bQ6iVb

Description: Having landed at a desert airstrip after a long flight you are parched and need a refreshing drink. There is only one place to go but the other passengers have the same idea. Can you beat the others to claim your prize? Remember...first come, first served! Technical point to point that is mostly uphill with demanding tarmac and offroad sections...this is heavy on breaking and acceleration!


Approx 4 mins point to point in a sports car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - The Bull Ring

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bQLnRM

Description: High speed race around the cattle ranches of Grapeseed. To complete a lap you must race counter clockwise and then clockwise around the outskirts of the Grapeseed area.


Approx 4 mins per lap in a super car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - There And Back Again...A Motorbikes Trail

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bSAdvM

Description: WARNING!!! Extremely hard offroad course...only the bravest need apply. Traverse Mount Chiliad on a motorcycle not once but twice to complete this grueling circuit. This the ultimate in offroad challenges where speed versus control are in constant conflict and descending too fast is deadly. If doing more than 1 lap be aware of slower riders racing in the other direction. You have been warned!


Approx 7:30 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Better Than Roadkill

Link: http://rsg.ms/1ceqfuM

Description: Road race around Paleto Bay, home of the world famous Clucking Bell. Hit top speed on the freeway, navigate through the town streets treading carefully at the notorious corkscrew and race down the back road over the dilapidated Paleto Bay bridge before heading for the finish line.


Approx 4 mins per lap in a sports car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - The Bishops Finger

Link: http://rsg.ms/1chFT8R

Description: The owner of Bishops is causing trouble for the local crews but he can't be touched as he's connected. Instead he needs to be put out of business by scaring his customers away. Holding regular races outside his store will help towards this end and ensure the crews can give Bishops the finger. Fast street circuit with several long straights and many sharp corners.


Approx 4 mins per lap in a sports car with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Over The Top

Link: http://rsg.ms/1ckA3Ui

Description: Fast offroad race with a couple of challenging areas. Starting on the dirt tracks around the wind farm you race to the hills in the east. As you go over the top of the hills you enter a more technical phase navigating around the far side before returning to the wind farm via a dried out stream. A reasonable test of your offroad skills. This is a race for motorcycles only.


Approx 4 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.




Game Mode: Race - Rise And Fall

Link: http://rsg.ms/1c0UoI7

Description: An offroad, figure of eight track over Mount Josiah. Low levels and climbs are reasonable but as you approach the summit then it becomes very narrow with blind crests. The first descent when controlled can be quite fast but great care must be taken with the second to keep the motorcycle under your guidance.


Approx 6:30 mins per lap on a motorcycle with traffic turned on.


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Cannonball Run


Game Mode: Race

Link: http://rsg.ms/1bBS0HC

Race across San Andreas. Starting in Paleto Bay and ending at the International Airport. This is a speed run so make sure the cops don't catch you.


Great race already up to 26 Likes. Please try it out.

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PS3 Land Race - Silent Ambush's DEATHRACE




Lap race around the horse track with ramps and obstacles, best for off-road vehicles! (2-16 players)





PS3 Deathmatch - Silent Ambush's BATTER UP




Nothing but baseball bats atop one of Los Santos' skyscrapers! (4-14 players)





PS3 Deathmatch - Silent Ambush's ROOFBLITZ




Lots of obstacles on a rooftop for an intense CQB firefight, one Airtug per team for driveby's, and upgraded weapons in the center of the map to fight over. (2-16 players)





PS3 Deathmatch - Silent Ambush's ISLANDWAR




Best for teams... this is a night assault on a heavily fortified island, James Bond-style. One team starts from atop a nearby mountain... grab a motorcycle and parachute to infiltrate by air, or take a chopper at the base of the mountain. To insert by sea, there are some RHIBs and jetskis at the shoreline. The defending team has more advanced weapons pickups. Respawn directly on the island after dying. (4-16 players)





PS3 Deathmatch - Silent Ambush's KILLJUMP




Best for teams... this is a motorcycle jousting match, starting with nothing but motorcycles and knives, race the other team to the center ramps and take out as many as you can in mid-air collisions before you drop to the wreckage-strewn battlefield to grab up any pistols you can find to finish them off! (2-16 players)

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