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Futuristic Satire for next GTA?

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Grand Theft Auto games have always been set in time canons during or before their year of release, with the exception of GTA2, which might have been set in 2013 (though this is never proven, and there are always other claims that discard the idea), but what if a GTA in 3D (or HD, however you put it) would actually be set in a futuristic setting? With flying cars, hoverboards, 500-storey skyscrapers, mid air object projectors, and maybe even laser guns? Would that be an idea worth to see in the next GTA?

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Pooyan Cyrus

Buy Volition's GTA-for-kids, Saints Row, if you want a futuristic game with laser guns and aliens' sh*t in sky.

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Sounds kind of Saints-Rowsy. If GTA's futuristic I'd imagine a more cyberpunk setting, something like Bladerunner (or more fittingly, the book it was based on): where you've got a low-life trying to make their life better in a world where everything's working to keep them out of the upper class. Hoverboards and laser guns would fit in the upper class areas, but the protagonist wouldn't have immediate access to them. S/he'd have to rough up some cops, and even then the cops assigned to lower areas only get cheap tazers and maybe some megavolt-guns at best.


Which makes me think that a beat-your-way-through-the-ranks, cyberpunk GTA would totally work, probably even better than any game we've seen so far in the series.


A huge GTA parody of everything William Gibson has ever wrote would be f*cking awesome. :happy:

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The only thing out of that list I would want to see is 500 story skyscrapers, and that's only because I'm an architecture buff. Even then, maybe it should only be 200 stories for a little more realism.

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Lock n' Stock

You mean like this?



Edited by xXGst0395Xx

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