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Sir, yes sir!


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Hi i am stuck doing the "Sir, Yes Sir" mission for the colonel where you gotta get the friggin tank, well after repeatedly failing the mission i literally have no money and am resorting to doing stoppies (and wheelies if the game ever friggin registers it as a friggin wheelie) to get a bit of money together, i have no money to buy a place with a garage or anything and i dont wanna cheat (altho i am close).  I have tried M60's Rocket launchers, putting cars infront of the convoy but it dont work, they just shoot me to death and move my car out of the way, if you blow up the car first they then just shoot me neway pleeeeeeeeeeease help me i am gettin desperate i have no money and cant buy $hit.

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Hi, I had exactly the same problem as you are having because I was in too much of a hurry to get the mission done. I didnt realise until about 25 attempts later that if you just walk, drive or ride along side the convoy, try and keep close to the tank, that after a short journey up the road the convoy stops and the driver of the tank gets out to get some donuts! This is when you jump in, turn the turret round and drive and shoot at the same time - extra speed! Hope this helps you.

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well, if you can manage to get like 100 bucks, then you could go get a hammer, or some other melee weapon and smash the door then go in (thats what i did), or you could do it the cowards way, and wait for them to stop at the donut shop, and take it......the tank is sweet though.

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OMG i will try that now, thank you, i dont care if i am a coward so long as i get this bloody mission out the way with out cheating.


EDIT: spelling mistake



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Or, you could just take a car, drive it and park it directly in front of the tank itself, get out of the car and then the driver gets out to remove your car, you just take the tank and drive off with it.

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