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Arms of Domination MC (PS3 ONLY)

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AoD is recruiting, we are bikies of LS and dominate anyone who challenges us but play fair otherwise, we play all game modes but prefer racing deathmatches and freemode our crew color is blue it doesnt matter what blue but preferred the crew blue and or ultra blue.

1.) Have a 1.10 K/D or able to bring atleast 3 other people into the crew.

2.) I no its stupid but must have AoD as your active crew permanently (if you double cross us you will get dominated), So in other words MUST be 100% loyal im not saying leave all other crews but keep AoD as your active crew or it will be seen as a form of treason.

3.) MUST have one of the three classic motorcycles in your mp garage.

4.) MUST wear one of the leather jackets with the crew patch on it if you don't no how i will help you (you must be over lvl 40 to do that if your under lvl 40 we will help boost you up by spamming missions all night).

5.) MUST have a mic for psn or if you dont have that then you need a skype account.

6.) MUST be at least 16yrs min, but we make some acceptations all depending on how you talk and act towards us

We are a small crew but what we lack in members we make up for with driving and ninja skills, also we all talk on skype, you will get all our skype info after you join

Before you join you will need to add me on PSN
Blue_Streak94 and have a trail of 3-4 death matches and depending on how you go you could get in it all depends on how you act as a person but we are all pretty laid back but not people to double cross

One last thing if you ever get stuck in a tight spot by trolls or people who think there good just in game text me "Help" and ill spread the word and we will join and rape people and back you up seeing how the 2 best players in the crew have a 1.50 kd
war-prodigy) and 2.14 (Blue_Streak94{me})

So if your interested add me on psn and I’ll give you a few games to see if your worthy to join us good luck xD

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