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Alexander Blade


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Still waiting for v2.00 cleo apk :(

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The project is abandoned. Why don't you all still understand this?

It's removed from Google Play, links not being updated on official site.

@Alexander Blade Last visited: June 22, 2017


There won't be any updates soon. I think this topic has to be locked.

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Please my Android is not rooted how will I be able to use Cleo without rooting my Android


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it there any way to play gta sa with mods in android 8?



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Ultra-Widescreen fixes for SKULL's CLEO ports (No-root Android7+)


I added 16:10+ widescreen support from the newest updates to Skull's CLEO ports for SA, VC, and III.


Before (black bars on sides) & After:




More Screenshots:

















San Andreas (v1.08)


Vice City (v1.07)


GTA III (v1.6)


For SA you should also use kubikas33's gta_sa.set file for increased resolution similar to v2.00's (as seen in pics).


The SA version will auto-adjust your current control layout for the new width, but won't allow you to change it any further!! VC & III don't have this issue. More info below.




For GTA III & Vice City, you'll just have to adjust your control layout for the wider screen after launch (or delete gta3.set/gta_vc.set and it will auto-adjust, but reset your settings).


San Andreas should auto-adjust your current control layout to fit, but will stop you from making any more changes (it thinks it's overlapping the old screen border). If you need to change it, it's best to just do it in 2.00 and then backup Adjustable.cfg for use in this version.


If you don't see a difference, make sure your device is set up to use the entire screen for GTA, sometimes hidden in Android's developer settings as "notch area", "immersive mode", etc.


This doesn't include any of the other improvements from the newest updates (SA still has the triangular graphics glitch sh*t in high-traffic areas), we'd need a proper CLEO port for that.
All I did was copy over the updated "nvidia" folder from the official R* APKs to Skull's versions ([extracted APK]/smali/com/nvidia). This doesn't work for GTAIII 1.4, but it does for 1.6, so I just added Skull's CLEO to 1.6.

Tested on Android 9 w/ Adreno GPU, using the newest obb files. Results may vary.



Installation instructions for new users (Non-root Android 7, 8, 9+):


1. Install newest official version of III/VC/SA
2. rename game's data and obb folders to anything else (/android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa -> com.rockstargames.gtasaX; do the same for /android/obb/com.rockstar...)
3. Uninstall game
4. Install APK you downloaded from here
5. Rename game's data and obb folders back to their originals


All credits to Alexander Blade, SKULL, and R*.

Edited by LCstuntman

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