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The gta4life improvements


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This is something I am going to write before I strike up my own review because this is some stuff that is really stuck in my head that I must let out.  Vice City is by far the best game for the PS2 so far this year, the same as GTAIII last year.  The two games keep the same gameplay mechanics, but this is to be expected and it is something I hope never changes, just expanded upon.


Now, with that said here are some things I would have improved upon and would put in as a necessity for the next installment of this game.


1.)  The Army.  In this game they use the exact same vehicles as in the last game, yet they have other vehicles at their disposal they could have used.  Namely the Apache Helicopter and the Hummer.  And if I were Rockstar, the next secret vehicle would indeed be one of those offroad vehicles from "In the Army Now" with Polly Shore.  These Vehicles are owned by the Army for offroad purposes and they have a mounted machine gun on them.  Now, in one of the missions in Vice City you are being chased by men in bwhat looks like Washingtons yet they have a man on top with a mounted weapon firing at you.  This would be an extremely fun vehicle to drive as well as use for missions and fights.  


2.) The Apache:  I would create a targeting system for this ATTACK Helicopter.  They should have put this simple addition in with Vice City, but as it is it should be a given for the next game.  Being able to actually lock onto your target would make flying while shooting much easier.  When you become good at flying the Apache you have less problems hitting your target or shooting accurately without flying into a Billboard, but it does take time.


3.)  Your Gang:  They should come with you on alot of missions and they should actually protect you since you are their boss.  I've had many police chases that ended up in an area my gang was located just for them to stand there in a circle talking to each other.  I liked to kill them after I killed the heat for being so incompetent.  Your gang should provide much more purpose then just being a "shadow feature".  Something that is indeed noticable but hardly serves a purpose.


4.)  Locked Vehicles on the Road:  You telling me no one locks there doors while driving around in Miami or New York?  Hah!  There should be times where it is indeed impossible for me to jump into a Corvette simply because the damn owner has his doors locked.  This would be far more realistic then everyone in the entire city being wide open to a jacking.  


5.)  Car Dealerships:  Along with locked vehicles I would create more Rare Vehicles.  Cars that are not around that much and if they are around they are probably locked.  So the one way you can get that vehicle is to gather some cash, go to the car dealership and pick the car you have had your eyes locked on for some time now.  This would make having Sports Cars far more respectable then just plain running in front of one, hitting triangle and then leaving.  Sure it provides for a quick jolt of fun before you wreck it to get another one, but...wow!  See?  Cars are far too many in this game and even when you do wreck your shiny new Stinger, you could care less.


That is a few things I would think about improving upon in the next GTA game before anything.  Vice City is absolutely fantastic with Rockstar showing that the sky is indeed the limit in this series now, but now it is time to polish everything up and make the game even more enjoyable then it already is.

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Agree with you there on all of the comments :)  Great game but i did wish they included more import/export missions and so on, basically just expanded on some of the stuff thats already there.  As for the Apache/Hunter, i always end up killing myself either from hitting billboards or from the flying debri from the exploding cars just because i need to get in close in order to aim  :D

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I agree with the locked cars.. but instead of just trying to open and give up you should be able to pick up a tool of some sort and break into the car through the window and unlock it .  This process of jacking a car would also require him to hotwire parked cars and should take a few more seconds to get the car going.  Cars driving on the street would stay the same since they already have keys in the ignition and just getting rid of the driver is required :D

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